Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

924 – Sharon to work with Children as an energy source

Now there is going to be an additional influence. You have a lot of children here who are basically just looking at you, it’s like an introduction. Because over the next few years they will  be born,  and they have chosen to be a part of this change that etc.  and as you know once they are born… they have a tremendous connection to us. And then they will convert over. Now what these children will do is they will have a connection to you automatically and what they will be able to do is tap into your energy. So you will be an energy source for them with the basic amount of understanding far more than normal. So these are children who you will be working with in the future and you may not meet some of them for several years but it is good to make the connection now so that when you do actually meet them it is more of a remembrance than it is something new. This is also going to make it much easier for you to see exactly what they need. And that will be a very quick sensing and understanding and passing on of energy for them to develop. Over the next couple of years I can see you will get this ongoing because of the amount of people,  not just the amount of people that you meet, but it is of course the Butterfly Effect. You will be meeting children that play with other children, and then it goes to the mother’s and so on. So the energy has to be passed on from one to another which you will do through this, what is the word again?…. Lol.    generational energy. So it is a matter of just making connections right now and this butterfly effect will take effect. You can imagine over just the next two or three years how many people you will be able to be in contact with. Now when it comes to recognition from other people etc,  you understand that there is no ego etc. Now a lot of the work that you will be doing, you won’t be recognised for, not by people on earth anyway. The right amount of people You will get the recognition that you need for accolades on this planet but they won’t realise how much else you are doing. That they will never see .


S: And that is fine


Yes that is fine with you and there are others that will be doing the same thing around the world and you will be in touch with them later on and now you can see even more how energy is moved around, changed for this particular event that is coming up. It is quite something


S: It is quite incredible.

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