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927A  September 2022 Our graduation

Ok I’ve got a wedding, a white house,  and a garden with a big field. everything is green and everything is white. There are no people there.


S: The energy of a wedding ?


Could be. It could be us connecting to one of our many higher selves


S: Yeah one of us is getting married. Lol.


It could be symbolic.


S: I think it’s like they said they are going to have fun with us.


Yes. In the distance the mountains are a bit like in paintings,  the sides of the mountains are a little bit blue with the sun. Going back to the house. Nobody is there, I going to the  house and house now lopsided,  one side it’s just sort of sunk down to the ground or collapsed. The other side is empty.


So I go in and I push up the other side of the house, it just doesn’t look right being down.  so I have pushed it up and it is back to normal now. And I can look at it standing right in the middle and I can just see these plains going for as far as you can see, nice grassy plains, mountains in the background. A lovely energy, open, fresh air type nature type energy, freedom. Very nice.  Blue Skies up above, if you  White Clouds and when I look behind me, it is the same for miles and miles.

What is the significance of this ?

Ok it is you and me. We are not getting married. Lol. I have a like Chancellor of a university and he is standing by a lectern and he is Now giving up Scrolls, that we have now qualified. So this is really like our graduation.


S: Yay for us.


Ok so it is our graduation, there is no doubt about that, and he is  now going. I am on the right and you are on the left and we are looking at all of this. And we build from here. Now I am on the right-hand side and you are on the left-hand side, we are probably 10 to 15 feet apart. But we are together in this venture. And the plain is open for us to build whatever we want, we have qualified, we have got this far. Ahead of us is all this open beautiful comfortable plane and that is where we are going to work, Play, build, do our thing etc. It’s like having a permanent space if you like. A foundation. I’ve got a lot of people on the left-hand side and a lot of people on the right-hand side way in the distance. It is spirit, right in the distance just saying Well done, it’s fine, welcome to the club, that sort of thing. There must be a bit more than that. And somebody is saying “what more do you want”?



S: I know they are giving us a break and now we want more. Lol. Where are the fireworks? Lol


They’ve given us a couple of armchairs. So we can sit and look out over this plain. Lol That is great. They are all now disappearing.


S: We didn’t ask for a party or celebrations, we asked for peace. They are giving us peace.


Quite right. So we have now graduated and we have this whole plain ahead of us to do what we like. So we can just sit here and enjoy the view. They did say they were going to give us a break. Lol.


Ok, you can put in flowers, you’ve got all these connections.


S: As you said that, E came along and she is giving me the sense of “let’s create energy”. So now there is a field of flowers.


Yes, all the colours.


S: And the house, everything is just being filled with energy.


I am staying in the White House and you are going backwards and forwards and scooting around all over the place, doing whatever. You will be doing most of the adventuring. Ok I have the blonde on the left, I thought that blondes and I would stay while you go and play,  so I thought am I going to die, and she is like no you’re not going to die, lol.


S: God no please.


The two of us are going to bring you up.  no you are going to go out and play and do your thing, you will be the main do-er out there.  I will be connecting with the blonde and getting more information and organizing this that and the other. While you do what you are good at doing.


Ok and you are getting a dishwasher, lol. (all I wish for). (which means we will settle in our own place soon)


This white house is slowly now changing to a normal house which is the one we will have that has a dishwasher in it.


S: I don’t have a bed but I have a dishwasher.


It’s a start


S: I have a couch I can flip back and sleep and I am happy.


Oh yes to sit in an armchair.  Luxury

The big thing I can feel, which is nice, is fresh air and nature, cleanliness, pristine. The main thing we have got is this clean Open start. We have done all the groundwork now, now we can do the enjoyable stuff and take it out there and make it happen.


S: It’s time for us to create.


Yes, and start enjoying everything we are doing. And mum is a very happy bunny, she is doing her thing. Now the whole thing is fading away. And that is it they are gone.


S: it’s nice because we can now create what we want to create and choose what we want to choose.











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