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928  Spirit kids create thought forms to play with

G: Ok, this is one for you to have a look at. This is how it started last night. There’s a little reindeer, it’s about 1 inch high. It was going along and comes across a rail, like a train runs on. But the rail itself is probably about 3 inches high. So there’s no chance of getting over it. That’s where it started and then I got to see everything else. Now just see if you can see it first of all. And then we will see where we go from there.


Now, on your right, Shan, lots of kids are watching.


S: Yes. I am being pulled to the right; I can’t straighten my head.


G: Lol, they want you to see, lots of things. The little reindeer is between us and the rail is to my right. It’s left the rail, turned around and got back towards the kids. Now, what is the little reindeer?

Okay, there is a couple more things they are going to give you. One is a teddy bear. And there’s a clown. There’s a big green squishy thing. Some balloons.


S: Mmm, we having a party.


G: So go down to your right, in amongst the kids…… and all these things. Try and work out what the things are. The kids think it’s very funny.


S: They are small little energies, almost like dogs dressed up as things.


Spirit: There are some of those too. Lol. And there’s cups and cake.  There are a few unicorns there.

You’ve learnt a long time ago that negative thoughts forms become things, like spiders and they go up to the greylands and they sort of congregate up there. Because something has got to happen to them. Sort of ‘like attracts like’ and they move together.


S: It’s the same, all the creative imaginations and ….


Spirit: Yes, all the positive ones.


S: It’s a lot from children.


Spirit: Yes, that’s it. They are all kids. Kids play all the time; they play with spirit kids and they create all the time. So they are all nice thought forms that they create, obviously stay down here so they can play with them again. They don’t need to go to the greylands. And there are so many of them, in every house, everywhere, all these kids’ thought forms. And we can just bring them out whenever it is needed and kids can just think about it and they are there. That’s why kids think of all sorts of different things and they are just playing with spirit kids. They are all thought form, lots of them.  It’s such a nice energy.

S: So nice.


G: I never thought of that, you know.


S: No, me neither.


G: Last night while waiting they showed me this but said no, you’ve got to wait. All these kids dancing and clapping.


S: And so many. Because a Childs imagination doesn’t stop either. And they just go on and on and on.


G: And they don’t get visitors like us very often.


S: No, lol. That is too cute.


G: Big kids. Lol. Too cute.


S: Maddi must leave a bucket of those around the house.


G: Ok, that’s all there is there so we will let them amble off with all their thoughts. And see if there’s anything else they want to talk to us about

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