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929 –  The children’s toy box of thoughts

G: Now I’m seeing something in two different shapes. If you can imagine, let’s take a square and then cut it straight down the middle and then straight across, so you’ve got 4 small squares. A bit like your cheese on toast. But it’s just the outside and the cuts are all rope. That’s what I saw first of all, just that sort of thing. But more rounded than square. Then I saw the same thing but in metal. A bit like a steering wheel cut into 4. Same sort of thing. Now I can see another type, sort of black and yellow. Also a similar shape. I’m trying to figure out what this could be.

I think it is something to do with thought forms. They’ve just shown me another one. The four sections are relevant.


S: Yes, as I was tapping into it they were just taking me back to thought forms. And I could sense and feel the thought forms, clearer.  Like little bubbles of thought. Bubbles of thought creations. So it must be linked.


G: Yes, the one thing I got was it was divided into 4 sections. So I can take a thought form and say it was good or bad, those are 2 sections and adult or child, those are the other 2 sections. Then I thought that sounds ‘not quite right’.

Now I’ve got a lot of sort of mechanical stuff. Sort of expanding on that thing, but .. it looks a bit like a giant fishing reel.

Normally I can go into it for a few minutes and I can understand what it is. The last few days have been a bit strange.


S: I think these thought forms are all going in there. I think.


G: So it could be a thought form collector.


S: Like a little pod. A toy box, lol.


G: yes, because everything has to be automated. So this is where they keep them.


S: Yes.


G: So these are the positive thought forms that they keep for the kids.


S: Yes, they don’t just hover around.


G: Yes, and I’ve got a whole lot of kids clapping. Lol.


S: lol.


G: That took forever and a day, getting all these different shapes and sizes. And they say, well they can’t do the same thing every day. Ok, so that makes a lot more sense now. So all the different shapes we were getting were all collectors of thoughts forms, like toys boxes, like you said. And then this big thing, this gold and black thing which looked like a fishing reel etc. that just controls them all. Again, it’s an automated process. So they just think it and it’s the energy connecting them, they made it look like a fishing line connecting it to them. It’s just the energy. So they know where everything is, etc. So the kids come down and play and then connect to them.


S: so even they have tidy up time.


G: Yes, lol. So now we know what a spiritual toy box is.


S: I love that.


G: How cute. That was a hard one.  

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