Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

932 – How to expand awareness

S: My crown chakra is going mad or I’ve got a bug in my hair, lol.

Lol, excellent. Now, your crown chakra. You’ve got this white light which connects to your higher self. It’s pure white. White of course you know is God’s light. It’s simply a connection to your higher self. Now, you don’t really need to connect to your higher self because you are here with all the information that you need. It’s only if there’s something which develops in the future you would need to communicate with your higher self. But that is very rare indeed. But you can open up that center, so you can sense your higher self. It’s just a very nice feeling that you can do as well. And you can sense all that energy coming down. Because your higher self is basically on our side of course, and therefore there is so much love up here, so much nice energy compared to what you have down there.


S: Yeah, I can feel it moving towards my 3rd eye now, and funny when we went into meditation just now, I did an automatic connection to my higher self, which I never do.




S: So there’s definitely something there, and I can feel all this energy like pouring down from the crown towards my 3rd eye.


Right, that’s very good, very good. Now you are going to open that up a little bit further, the white energy which is going upwards, towards your higher self. I want you to expand it outwards, so it fans outwards and it goes up basically to the solar system above you, the stars, to space, and we were talking about all that clean empty space yesterday. And sense that. And you can sense all of that through your crown chakra, going upwards. Now you are sensing a huge area. It’s not so much the area you sense, it’s the…


S: Space


the description of the area. The little flash that you see, you know it is that particular area, it doesn’t matter what the size is. So now, if you expanded that even further you would be able to see between all the planets, all these various colours flashing backwards and forward and going around the planets and just going off far into the distance, as much as you see. That is for you to play with. There is no real value there at this stage. It’s just nice for you to see. And it’s also a very good exercise for you to just expand your awareness.

And you started doing this looking over your balcony in the mornings and sensing basically just nature which is around you, and that will expand into far more things.

It will expand as well into groups of people, which of course is what you will be teaching in the future. And you will be able to understand very quickly, the audience you have, what they need and what they are lacking.


S: And willing to hear.


Yes, a good way to put it.

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