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933 – Sensing downwards

Now, you’ve been given a lot of colours.  And even though you are not sure what these are for at the moment. It’s as if you are standing on sand, the sand itself is all these different colours. All the different granules of sand are different colours. And that is for your walking, for your earth energy. Again, your next extension, expanding,  your sensing is downwards. Downwards as you know, you’ve got the Earth the crystals, right down to the mountain and so on. And then suddenly you are in the center of one huge ball of energy.  And you are sensing everything around you from top to bottom, sideways, up as far as you can see and so on. That’s how strong the energy is that you can see. So you can imagine when this is now just concentrated on a very small area, the abilities that you will have. To be able to decipher the particular colours and the energy that you are looking at and ‘then’ decide what they want to hear. Now this is something that you won’t teach for a long time. It is an ability that you will have. And you need to learn a lot more about it, how to handle it before you can teach it. There is far more to it. Now, we’ve discussed before, being taught as a 6-year-old where babies come from etc, changes and so on. It’s the same thing here, what we have to show you in the beginning, as you start to learn is, how you can handle it and then as you get more experience in different aspects of energy then that will change so you are able to do more with it. And understand more and work on different levels and so on. So, I’m sure you understand that, what I am saying, that’s just something for the future.

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