Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

934  –  Why things are delayed

Now, they want me to talk a little about the delay. And the delay is not… what you have just been shown for example, what you are learning; how things have changed in the last few weeks, is how you understand energies, life, evolving and so on. It’s changed dramatically over the last few weeks. Especially the last 3 months. And if you’d started teaching 3 months ago, it would be far different from what you are teaching now. So we are just giving you a little bit more, so that you get into the right niche we want you at. Then you are able to go ahead and progress and teach the right way. And that is why we said yesterday that what we want to do is get you to the stage where you needn’t worry about specific things, just enjoy the day. Once you can reach that stage, and we’ve said it before, once you can have total confidence in us, I mean 100% confidence in us, then you will be able to relax 100% and therefore you will be able to create far more and work far better. So it’s just the way we are taking you. So please don’t be concerned, we will certainly get you there.

Now, if I can just add one more thing to that. A year ago, we told you something very similar but you didn’t expect to be basically financially embarrassed to the degree that you are now. What you expected, that things would come right and so on. Because we were getting you ready to teach etc. It was more with your mother, but it was shared, I know. And so you can see how that has changed so much. We’ve had to change, so we had to go through that to get to where we are today. Which is fine, you are almost there. Almost there and we will be able to start.

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