Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

937  September 22 Working and teaching those on lower levels

I’m feeling hot all of a sudden.


S: I’ve just got a glow of yellow under my 3rd eye, which changed completely.


That’s good. I think what we are getting this evening, is the difference between the life we live with our reality, and what we know and what we have experienced, as it seems like a different life.


S: yes, and integrating the two.


Yes, So, we can work, and we can see people differently, because we can see their energies and all sorts of things. Now it is just going to expand and get more and more. Especially you Sharon. But we must understand that the majority of people can’t do that. They think and understand on a much lower level. I think this also has a lot to do with teaching. What we assumed we would teach, because we have all this fantastic knowledge and experience, that that is what we would teach. I don’t think it is to teach so much as to use.


S: Yes


To use that experience to help people on a much lower level. Because we are able to see people on a much lower level much clearer than the average person. Because of the experiences that we have had.

Now that is very interesting, if somebody starts off and they get to the stage of chanelling for instance, they are quite experienced. They can look at somebody and they will see “x”. But because we have had more experience than that, we will look at somebody and see “x +”. And that is the difference. (that is something I never thought about)

Now what you have been discussing Sharon, or thinking about, is teaching people about the basics of anxiety and stress and how to handle things, and so on, that is more down to earth.


S: Yes,


And if you think about, going through the change, and what is going to happen with the change is that the majority of people by far… let’s just say the 20% of people are spiritual and 80% aren’t, as we understand it, so let’s say 80% of people are going to go through this trauma and anxiety and stress and so on. And those are the people that you need to teach. Now on the 20%, they will have other mediums and other helpers, and so on. And we can teach them a different story, but the majority of people we have to teach are the ordinary people.


S: yes, absolutely.


Ok, also it means that when you teach these ordinary people, you are going to have far more confidence, not that you don’t have confidence right now, because you  have proven in what you have done, but it’s like now talking to a group of 10-year-olds, you are quite confident in what you say. So there is no sort of apprehension there when you start to discuss or whatever. And that is a very good thing. There are also no limits to what you can do, talking to lower levels, besides webinars and online courses, there is of course also media, radio, television etc. and then you have all your social media that is available as well. So there is lots to be done and a little bit of influence can influence an awful lot of people. As you have already experienced with the butterfly effect and so on. So maybe there is a reason why things have been delayed for us.


I can see the, they have shown me now a pyramid, and my thinking of this pyramid was that we start at the bottom, with a solid foundation and we teach people to get higher and higher and higher, to the top of the pyramid. It’s a bit like the management structure between here and God. All the majority of people down here and as you get further and further up the pyramid.

But now they are showing me the pyramid not being 50 stories high, but only 3 or 4 stories high and much much wider.


S: yes, because everyone is at a different level, and everyone is in different spaces and places, so everyone that learns, it will spread, butterfly effect.


That’s right, the bottom of the pyramid is the majority. So the bottom few levels of the pyramid, as we know, are the majority of the total. The bottom of the pyramid is equal to all the other levels put together. If you just multiply it by 2. So 50% is on the bottom level, 25% is on the next level, and 25% on the next.


S: I know, let’s open up a spiritual school and make it compulsory, grade 1, grade 2… lol.


It would be nice and people could qualify and so on, but you can’t put these things in boxes.


S: No, I know.


But what you can do is give them diplomas for experiencing and going through things and achieving and so on. It depends on what people want out there, which you will find out very soon.

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