Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

938 – Geoff and Sharon’s objectives

The next thing I am seeing is a little bit strange, which is not unusual. It’s a cake, like some form a wedding or birthday cake with nice white icing and very ornate. And on the front, made out of icing, is a number it looks like 300. And that 300 has been burnt. It’s a bit like somebody has taken a blowtorch and burnt it. So the numbers are all burnt. (This has to mean something to us) This beautiful cake with the numbers all burnt. And a specific number 300, which is unusual. I’m just taking those numbers off. I’m breaking them off, but it doesn’t look nice. I’m sort of repairing the cake behind, there’s a little bit of damage but it’s repairable. And that repair is not working very well. The cake is now starting to fall apart.

Ok, the 300 is the time that we have been putting all this together, etc. The cake is what we were looking at, our objective to make that. And it has been time, it has been getting there. And they are saying, you don’t go back and remake the cake, and you don’t try and fix the broken cake. Put it on one side, and make a new cake. And that is what you will do. With the information you have, you are simply going to go through things a different way and you are going to make a better cake. It’s just that you are going to find out now, how you are going to do that. And it’s a little bit different, understanding that you now have to teach the lower level. And the more upmarket levels. Ego is one thing you don’t have but it is also pleasant to be recognised for what you have done and for your abilities and so on. In a lot of scenarios in the future, you will have a little bit of that, but a lot of, let’s say lower recognition. Recognition for doing smaller things, which people only understand at a later stage. The people who need to understand more and learn more will be drawn to you and it will be your job to teach them and they will go off and they will create this butterfly effect and so on. And only at a later stage will they understand how beneficial you were, when you taught them in the beginning. A very good example is the schools that you are going to go to. The reaction you are going to get from the teachers. And how that will affect a lot of people in the future.


Now I have children, as well, you know that you will be teaching children. But teaching children is a different level as to teaching a younger generation. If you take the main age group that will be changing, from now, it’s sort of between the age of 0 and 30. They will be the main people in charge. That can change the planet etc, over the next 10-20-30 years. So that is really the age group you will be teaching. A lot of the others, the 50-60-70-year-olds, are still very staid in their ways. And they will of course disappear. Their teachings won’t be carried on, because they will be replaced with a newer version of teaching. And they will basically fade away, having done their job. I’m talking of people like Liz for example. A beautiful soul. She has helped so many people over the years. But there is no need, at her age to enhance this new way of thinking. It is better for her to encourage the group that she has, to continue doing what they do. That is very good.


S: Yes,


The new groups will automatically get together. Group together. Now, we were talking not so long ago, about having 2 sides, the good and the bad and how they group together. The good attracts good people and the bad attracts bad people and so on. You also, on the good side, you have your different levels. So on the good side, you have got the older people,, then the middle people and then the young. So you have those groups as well. There’s a lot of different groups that you can teach.

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