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939 – Discarding Miriams tapes was correct

I have Miriam here. What she is saying is that towards the end of her time, she was teaching things which would soon go out of fashion. And spirit did assist in getting ‘me’ to throw away the tapes that were made in the last few years. Because to teach that would be irrelevant at this stage. What I learnt when I did all that meditation with them, was different from what she learnt and what she got in meditation and channeling and so on. So it’s 2 different eras if you like, or 2 different groups. (I’ve always wondered about that)


S: Yes, that makes sense though.


It’s difficult to get my head around how I talk and the guide talks. Lol It’s like we are having a conversation.


S: It’s like bi-conversational.


Yeah, it’s very interesting. Ok, so now that you can understand that, it’s very straightforward. (I was always concerned that I had done the wrong thing there. Also what I did was give away all my old tapes. Instead of writing a book and so on, but that’s fine they have gone and it is for the very same reason, what I kept are the ones we were actually need.)




Now a lot of paths are in entwined And people that you have met, Sharon, over your lifetime basically, they have led you to other people, and so on. So,  you have all been learning and although you are on different levels, you have been learning as a group together, in this particular lifetime. And you will get quite a bit of information from them that will be very useful to you. They will just pop up out of the blue and basically give you leads, things to do, people to see,  people to talk to, etc. So that is going to be very interesting.

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