Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

940 – Clear crystals for Sharon

Now I have got a huge number of crystals. They are very clear crystals; they are shaped like quartz crystals but they are very clear. They are very clear except for patches of gold. A cross between gold and honey colour. Honey colour is much better. And these are for you Sharon, they are clear is  for clarity and the gold honey colour is for recognition. The gold honey colour you will be able to see, E  will show you. She says you probably won’t see it, but just to explain what is happening. It’s a bit more colours, she has started giving you new colours not so long ago and these are the next two, clear for clarity, very straight forward, you can understand that. And the honey colour is for recognition, so you will be able to recognise people, groups, etc. Except it won’t be you physically that will see it, your soul, awareness, will see it without you knowing. So that is how that will work. So when it happens you will simply understand what happened.


When E starts to channel through you,  it is going to be a mixture of basically what I have been experiencing, where you are talking and E  is talking. Now you have experienced this a little bit so far but you have been unsure about it, but when you are eventually talking to groups of people, and you are very comfortable doing it and so on, you will be talking and E  will take over, without you realising it a lot of the time. And it’s only afterwards you will realise that it was her talking, or somebody else on a specific subject, But mostly it is going to be her . So she is going to be working with you and she is going to be right behind you as you talk to all of these people, just to  support you and keep things on the correct balance that is needed. That is very good.


S: That’s nice.


Very good yes, I can see her there,  with the two of you talking together.


S: I can sense it.


It’s like I was saying a minute ago, when I talk and the guide talks. It hasn’t happened before. And now it’s going to happen to you. Lol. Something new. Now this sort of thing we can’t really talk to people about unless they are at our level.


I’ve got Mom, Dad and the Blonde. And they are all nodding and saying “yes, all good, all going in the right direction, etc. sending of course lots of love. And you’ve still got loads of children here on your right, and they seem to be a sort of temporary permanent fixture.


S: I love it.


And you’ve got right foot, and you’ve got your big kitty cat and you have the space in-between where you start seeing more and more things. And then the various guides at the back and so on, etc. They are saying that you are now use to us being there, and we can basically come through and talk any time we want to. You have been through and we have said so much in this particular arena, and as you go into meditation, most nights it’s going to be exactly the same thing, you will go to this arena and then you will start seeing things, talking and so on. They are saying ok, and sending lots of love and off they go. And as they go, they send more and more energy into this arena, this space. And the whole space lightens up, brightens up, more and more.

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