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944 When you commit suicide

Spirit: Now suicide you might be interested in, I think we did suicides the other day, didn’t we? We did a little bit about that.


S: Yes, a little bit.


Spirit: And what we do with suicides when they come over? We were  doing all the religions when they came over, etc.


S: Yes.


Spirit: When suicides come over, it’s simply they come over in a horrible state. They’ve got to get into this horrible state to be able to kill themselves. So they’ve got to be mentally unbalanced to be able to kill themselves. So full of grief or full of hatred or whatever it is. So they’re not comfortable. And the body’s defense system kicks in as well and tries to dull everything. But they override that. Their amount of  grief or hate or whatever it is overrides that and eventually they kill themselves. When that happens, we would go down there to them because they cannot imagine anything after life. So we would go down there to them and we’d literally stand around them, we’d talk to them, we’d let them feel the love that comes from us and let them understand that they’re dead physically, that there is an afterlife. And it takes a while for them to adjust to that because it’s just too…


S: Because of their state.


Spirit: Yeah, because of the state they’re in. What they should be feeling is a bit of euphoria. Geez, I’m free, I don’t have to feel this pain anymore. But they don’t. What they need to do as well is understand what they’ve just done. So we settle them in, we get them to a nice comfortable level. And then we get them to understand what’s happened, that there is life after death, there is another side to life. But we don’t take them all the way up, all the way across if you like. So we take them just, let’s call it the entrance into heaven. Where we placate them and we get them a little bit healthy again and so on. And then we let them understand what they’ve just done. So at a later stage they can decide whether they want to experience that life again, or maybe experience it through somebody else’s eyes, or maybe just complete it in a different dimension. So there’s lots of different options, it’s not as people imagine.


S: Yes, your karma and you are committed to coming back, yeah.


Spirit: Yeah, because the whole idea is that the body needs to learn, the soul needs to learn.

What it learns or how it learns is not too important as long as it does learn. Now, it’s far easier to learn things on a physical level in the beginning, because there’s far more emotion attached to it and so on. And you need to experience all those different emotions before you can understand creating those emotions on a mental level. So that’s why you spend so much time in the physical, so you can create that experience, all these different emotions. When you go up to the mental level, then you can play around with them. You know what to experience and you can exaggerate that experience, or you can increase the volume of whatever you feel with an experience.


And there you could go into different scenarios where you could anticipate things and you can, if you like, live a life hypothetically,… that’s not quite right…. live a life in a state that you’ve created.

And so, all you’re doing is you’re creating the same scenario instead of coming down on earth to experience lessons, you could be mentored through your own creation. Thought is creation, you don’t need a physical.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: Okay, I didn’t explain that too well, but you did understand it.


S: Well, we can create it up there as we wish. And if we had to realize that we could create down here as we wish as well, that would be great. It’s life circumstances that get in the way of that. But yes, it does make sense, because you can go up there and create as you wish, and free will.


Spirit: Yeah, you see there you have free will. And it’s much more up there in the mental levels. You can say, I’m going to go through this life and I want free will, etc. but there’s so much more to it. It’s very difficult to explain until you actually experience that level. But you understand on the physical level how you do experience all these different things. And again, this is just what you experience on your earth with your range of emotions.


We must go to a different planet one day and experience some more different ranges of  emotions. Because you will find them quite fascinating.


S: Oh yeah.


Spirit: The one we did the other day, which was just pure love. That didn’t have any emotions, that’s quite unbelievable.


S: On its own, yeah.

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