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945 Emotion of Death

Spirit: There are emotions which you haven’t heard of yet, which I have to make you feel, because they’re impossible to explain. I’ve got a scenario here for some reason. I think one of your guides or teachers is showing us. It’s a forest, and it’s a bit like a rain forest, and it’s full of mist. It’s very quiet, tranquil, peaceful. But it’s full of mist. It’s a wet, humid mist. A rain forest with too much mist in it. And that’s the scenario that you’re starting with. So, let’s go in there and we can see what they want us to see.


Now you see, this is a different form of teaching for you. Because as a guide, as an automated guide, if you like, I’m going to take you on a different journey. Getting information from your teachers, if you like. You follow that?


S: Yes.


Spirit: So, we’ll go into this rain forest. And this is just another energy for the both of you to pick up. And it’s a very strong form of energy. And also very grey. And I’d like you to soak it in, feel it, and see if you can see what it is. Walk into it and tell me what you feel. Do you feel good or bad? Imagine walking through it, it’s a fairly dark type grey. Thick mist.  Imagine walking through it, you’re wearing very little. So you can absorb all the…


S: It’s not light.


Spirit: Correct, yeah.


S: It’s like sticky. Not sticky. But a heavy energy. It’s hard to move through.


Sprit: Yes.


S: It’s not a good energy.


Spirit: Yes, almost.


S: It’s difficult to move forward.


Sprit: All right. Which side are you on? Your side or my side?


S: Meaning? Lol.


Spirit: Lol. The spiritual side or the earth side?


S: Oh wow, I’m just here.


Spirit: No, the energy.


S: Oh, the energy.


Spirit: You’re walking through this energy. Which side are you walking through? Are you seeing the physical side or the spiritual side?


S: Phew.


Spirit: I’m not really fair to give you this.


S: No, no. Lol.


Spirit: It’s death.


S: Oh my word.


Spirit: This is what you cross through. Lol.


S: Oh really?


Spirit: Yeah.


S: Wow. It’s not a horrible negative. It’s just, it’s sticky. It’s not sticky. It’s the wrong word. It’s pliable, but it’s…


Spirit: You see, It depends how you cross over. When you die, you won’t see any of this because you understand spiritual life. You just cross over, etc.


S: Yeah, that was my next question. Yes, ok.


Spirit: If you commit suicide, for example, or if you are one of the bad guys, or you believe in black magic, demons, Satan, all that sort of thing. It depends on what you believe in. It’s not a matter of you just jumping into the light. You go through this negative energy and that prepares you, if you like, to see the other side. So when you go through, it’s a very neutral energy. And when you go through that, then you can start to see the other side. It doesn’t sort of happen straight away.


S: And the darker you are, the more you’ll have to go through.


S: Yes, that’s right.


S: The stickier it will be, or the denser it will be.


Spirit: Correct yes.


S: Sticky is not the right word. Denser.


S: Denser is quite right, yeah. So it depends how you’ve lived on earth, how you’ve died, etc. But that is what they would go through. You, of course, wouldn’t. But other people would.


Spirit: It’s an amazing energy. You can’t describe it.


Spirit: No, it’s a very strange energy. That’s why I said it wasn’t really fair. Lol.


S: Lol. Yeah, thanks for that, though, because it was beautiful to sense.


Spirit: Yeah, it comes from one side. It goes from your side across to our side. So that’s an energy which covers both sides.


S: Yeah. Ah, tricky.


Spirit: Very tricky. Not really fair. But you did well to get that. That’s fine. Okay, let’s move out of there. That’s a very uncomfortable energy. Alright, let’s go up and we go into some whiter light.

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