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980 Neutralizing pharmaceuticals in a Hospital

G: Right, I’m in a room straight away. It’s a bit like a hospital ward. The beginning of the entrance, on the right-hand side, there’s a room on the right but the doorway to that room is a cross. So you can imagine an absolutely square cross, maybe 2 or 3 foot wide, and 2 or 3 foot deep. So it’s just a strange looking doorway. So that’s there and as I look down, I can see 5,6 beds either side and the nurses are in white with blue around their head. It’s all very square cut as stone. It doesn’t seem to be from our dimension.


S: Mmm.


G: Okay, I’m seeing a fire. There’s a woman, she is a nurse, sitting next to the fire, who I’ve got to talk to. To the right of this room, one wall has just disappeared and has been replaced by the outside nature, fields, trees and greenery.


Spirit: Now the connection here, is the healing that needs doing is a combination. It combines getting off western medication and back to nature. That’s what I’m seeing. Because of these two parts. That’s very staid, which is a square region, very staid building blocks and hospital ward and the side that just changed to nature. So it’s a matter of, when this change happens, it’s getting people off their medicines. Now, to save all the huge variety of energies and so on, that will be needed, because of all the huge variations of all the medications and how it affects different parts of the body a staggering amount. So the body has been very much abused and over generations too. So all this needs correcting. Now, we are going to give you one very simple colour. Which is the yellow you have been working with. And the yellow colour simply nullifies all the bits and pieces in between the healing that needs doing and the damage that’s been done. So your only thought, Sharon, is we use yellow and that will solve that problem. So you can literally walk into a hospital, cover the whole thing with yellow and that will nullify all the pharmaceutical instructions. 


S: okay


Now this is just one of the ways in which you will be helping in the future. And it sounds very far-fetched, that you can actually walk into a hospital and then change the energy in 2-300 different people. But that is a fact and that is what you will be doing.  And that is just one of the ways you will be doing it. Needless to say you are not going to be able to talk to a lot of people because they won’t be at your level, if you like, so it will be very lonely in a way. And also more than that is a lot of people won’t recognise what you have done. Only you will know and very close companions. So that’s going to be quite something and something you have to get used to, but that’s not a problem for you because of what you have experienced so far.


S: Yes, my whole career has been pretty much like that. Lol.


Yes, no problems there. Okay, now there will be other ways which we will go through later on but that will just give you an idea. So, we can say that where you are thinking of what you have been doing traditionally is not going to work in this scenario. But you are moving along the right path, what you are starting to do is talk to groups. The idea is to get hold of groups and spread the information into groups, where you get the butterfly effect and things start to spread. Now, you will be doing a lot of talks which you can put on your website which you can get out to the people and the right sort of people will listen to those, they will understand them and they will understand them on the same level as you do. And then they will start to help and get the job done. There will be other people who understand it on a lower level and if I can give you an example of one of your friends for instance, in Palm Lakes, Donna, who is nowhere near as experienced as you are but she will be able to see that what you have told her and the way it is going to be, will be quite acceptable. Because she understands at a lower level. It won’t be so complicated for her and it will work nicely.


S: yes. Okay.


So again, you’ve got the people on lots of different levels using the same energy in different ways. So, more and more complicated.  Lol


S: yes. No, that makes sense. Because people hear from one thing, what they need to hear and another person hears something different from that same thing because of the level they are at. They listen to it again later and they hear it completely differently.


Yes, you are quite right there. This is one of the main reasons we have had to wait so long. To actually get everything moving nicely, so you can actually start doing the work that you want to and intended to do.


S: Yes..


The next one you will be dealing with is water and correcting the balance in water. And again we’ve got the same or similar scenario, where in water you’ve got all these different energies. Now you know how water cleanses energies.


S: Yes.


But there’s so much that we need to do because there’s different types of energy going in there. So many different types of negative energy. So you can see the number of changes or healing or corrections that need doing. It’s absolutely vast. But the ocean is very use to doing this. So what we are simply going to do is use the oceans’ ‘brainsif you like, and move it into rivers, lakes, etc.so that we will be able to use a similar sort of energy, or you will be able to use a similar sort of energy, and others that have chosen, to simply correct the balance in that particular area. And what you will actually see is a lake that you ‘feel’ that it is not quite right, it’s dirty or unclean or not quite balanced and simply the thought will then allow you to generate that energy that’s needed and it will go throughout the lake and your work is done, basically.


S: yes.


Now, your mother sends her love.  And she is at the moment, on the top of a .. to put it into something that you will understand, and she has designed it this way herself, because we work in obviously, in different ways, not being physical etc. So she is showing me on top of a mountain, it’s a mountain of books basically. All the books are open. And she is reading up on various pages. And it’s just, this whole mountain is 1000 feet tall. And all these books below and so on. She’s … what she is saying is working on this particular structure to do similar to what you’ve been told but do it on a spiritual level in a much bigger way. So it does fit in with what she is doing and she understands what you are doing, or you will be doing. And how it can fit in etc. And that’s why, she is saying she is very ‘busy’ at the moment but she says ‘never too busy’. But she is just very busy getting everything ready for the change because there is so much for her to do. But she is saying “don’t worry about the … don’t worry about such small things.


S: Yes.


Now she has another thing to say with her heart. And she is laughing and she says “this time last year I was fucked”. Lol. Her words, her words.


S: Lol.


And what she is saying is looking back on it now, it was absolute heaven to be able to pass over and do what she is doing at the moment.


S: yes.


What she is saying to the two of you, is you are going to go through a time where you are going to automatically think it’s going to be stressful remembering her in her last few days and so on; she says “it’s just the opposite”.


S: Yes.


MOM: It’s just the opposite, lol. You must be so happy. So content, so relieved that I actually crossed over when I did. And found the happiness that I found, the absolutely unbelievable things that I’m going through, it’s just double joy. So, don’t worry at all. I will be back, I will talk before long, and we will get back to normal and it’s just too beautiful to be here. And I give both of you just the biggest hug


S: Big love.

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