Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

981 G and S to teach Integrating 3D to 5D  to speed up evolving process

G: I’m sort of seeing/sensing something which I can’t explain. When I did this video, it was about, you know, how we all get together, pool our resources, share ideas, so we can find out exactly how this change is going to happen etc. And I could see something but I couldn’t interpret what it was, couldn’t make sense of what it was.


Right, I think I must have “E” hanging on a wall here. I’ve got a huge painting of just multi colours in a big gold frame, hanging on the wall. But the colours are coming out of the frame, or out of the picture, spreading along the walls and all over the place. Mmm. Okay, what seems to be going on from there, you know how far it spreads through a building… imagine a fire being a multitude of different colours, spreading like a fire. And you can walk through the colours, they are not hot. But it spread along this wall and then it went down the stairs and it went through different rooms in the building, wherever I am. And outside, and now it’s in trees.


Okay, this is a part of the integration of what you would call 3D and 5D. What I am seeing is all these different, wonderful colours, all rolling around, and they are just rolling through everything. They are going through trees, houses, everywhere. And all it is, it’s the 5D, it’s the E’s of this world and the spirits and the guides and so on. They are all in colours. Now they’ve been separated for so long, because we have been learning here on this planet.


Spirit: And they’ve been sending us down, if you like, from over there, so that we can learn and go back and take information back again. Now that we’ve reached a certain stage, a certain integration has to take place and so what the new generation will be seeing, and this is going to take a while to evolve, and for them to get used to etc, but they will start to see colours, the same way as you can sense different things now.


S: Yes.


You know, as humans, you are used to this sensing, it’s just you are brought up with it, it’s normal, it’s natural etc. Now when you get the colours, the new generation is going to start seeing the colours. To them it will be natural and normal. They will start off with their… once they are born, and they go through the first 2 years and of course they can communicate with spirit, as you know. And they will be able to see the colours more then, but then they will continue into past 7, 14, 21, etc. into normal life. And this will just become part of the way they exist. Now, it’s quite a big difference, because if you take the situation now, where you’ve got your higher self upstairs, and it sends down a part of itself, to enjoy a life here on Earth, experience different things, and the same as it does on various other planets at the same time. Now you’ve reached a certain level, where it doesn’t need to do that anymore. It doesn’t need to learn individual things. It learns to start melding, putting things together and so on. So by sending down a part of itself, which is colour, what it’s really doing is taking, let’s just say as an example, half of itself and it sends that down with you for this life. So that what you have got in the life that you are going to be experiencing now with the new lives that are going to be happening, is an understanding of past history and how we’ve evolved to date. And how we must continue this evolving process. See what’s happened in the past is we’ve tried all these different variations of getting societies to evolve the right ways, we’ve been through many of them in these meditation sessions. And what we know now is, or what we are looking at now is to shorten the process, instead of doing bit by bit, we are now going to start at a much higher level. And that higher level will be as I’ve just said. What you would call 3D and 5D together.


S: Yes.


So the next 3 generations, as they come down, will just get stronger and stronger. So in the 3rd generation from now, what you will have is basically humans, you will still call them humans, that have the ability to communicate to different species, different planets and different dimensions. You are shut off here with your one dimension and only so many of you can see into other dimensions. That is now all going to fade, so you are going to get a very small majority that will only see current dimensions. And then 95% will be able to see the new dimensions. And the new form of development. So development is going to be a lot faster, it’s going to be a lot more … well, there’s still going to be the same mistakes to be made, because we have to learn by making mistakes. It will still have a certain amount of drama and disappointment and your basic emotions will start to be ‘weakened’ if you like. Your jealousy, your envy…


S: more of an understanding.


Yes, because as you understand more, you don’t need those emotions anymore.


S: Yes.


So you develop a bit further. Now, if you take the next stage after that, just a couple of stages later, if you get to the 3rd generation, and when that happens, people are going to start giving more and giving is going to be a natural process and the understanding of giving and why you are giving is going to be a natural process. Now, two generations on from there, it’s all going to be giving.


S: Yes.


And if you think about this, just from the experience you have had so far, if you could continually go through your life simply by giving, it eradicates all the old emotions of jealousy, anger, etc, etc.


S: It also eradicates the needing because it just feeds you.


Yes, very much so. So you are on a totally different dimension all together. And you are on a dimension, where you couldn’t have got there, unless you had experienced the emotions that you’ve had through your evolvement to date.


S: Yes.


So, that is a very nice feeling. Now, your Mother understands this and that’s where she is at at the moment because she is able to do this just giving. Because obviously we’ve developed different planets in different ways etc, it’s just that it’s your turn next. Your World is going to be next. But that’s a very beautiful thing when you have, when you can… I know you can see this change; I can see it far more than you can of course…


S: Yes, yes.


But.. you can see the change, both of you can. And it’s such a nice feeling to be able to give and to be able to get rid of all these negative experiences that you have.


S: Absolutely.


Now, if you take the experiences that you have at the moment and you just have a high and low, as you know; in 3-5 generations time, you will still have the high and lows but they will be different, they will be much shallower. They have to be there because you have to have high, low and balance, as you know.


S: It won’t be dominant.


Yes, correct, it won’t be dominant. And then you will have a much more comfortable understanding. Then what will happen is the love and respect and words that you haven’t learnt as yet, but let’s just call it unconditional love which you have will be much much stronger for everybody and everything. Now at the moment your love is for individuals, your partners, your dogs, your family, etc.


S: Yes.


But you also love your outdoors, your trees, your garden, the oceans and so on. Now that is going to become part of your family. It’s going to be all one. All-encompassing one. And the colours that you see are not going to be the colours of your higher selves, if you like; it’s going to be the colours of all your nature, your nature spirits and how they fit in, and all your different energies there, so there is going to be far more intermingling, interaction going on with your mind. At the moment you are just a separate human being, experiencing certain different things, as a human being would. In 5 generations time, you will be experiencing things, encompassing the whole. So as a human, as part of nature, as part of us on this side and so on, and you will go through the next lives like that. And we progress upwards from there.


S: Shew. That’s beautiful.


Surprising hey.


S; Yes.


Now this was what Geoff couldn’t see when he was trying to tell you, lol.


S: yes, because we’ve been joking that we are not choosing this planet again, lol.


Lol, that’s right. Now, what has to happen is all these different things have to fit together. If you take the people on your planet at the moment, even the wisest, the kindest, the nicest people, they still have to learn to change over to this direction. A lot of them are very fixed in their thoughts about their religions, their beliefs and so on.


S: Yes, because that’s how they were programmed.


Yes, and this is what has to change. And this of course is what you will be doing.


S: Yes.


This is why we are telling you before others. To a degree. So, that is going to be quite something. Now..


S: We will have to plant little seeds on social media.


Yes, there’s going to be a lot more opening up. There’s going to be people coming to you to say ‘what do we do with this? Etc etc. You will be able to publish a few articles about what we’ve been saying and you may have to tone them down a little bit in the beginning, just to get people use to it. But what I would like to see you do, is put things into a sequence.


S: Yes.


So you can teach bit by bit. Now, the first thing we taught you about this new change was the energies. And the energies if you remember went on for 2-3 months because there was so much to it.


S: Yes, that’s right.


So, let’s start with that. Now you can plant a few seeds about how things will be in the future. But they will be unbelievable at that stage. So what we will do, is we start off by doing the energies and people are absolutely amazed at that. Then that opens up the next step of the ladder and they can go onto that, and so on. Now, what we have to teach you is a bit more about these next steps of the ladder. If you look back on the last 10 months that you’ve been doing this, it started off with… the first things you got was a lot of … what shall we call it?…settlement, encouragement, calming down after your disaster etc. We were just sort of keeping things very comfortable. And then you started to learn. You started to learn very seriously with these energies. From there on, we haven’t taught you more, we have let you experience different things but we haven’t taught you more about that extension. What the next extension would be after energies, because we had to wait for the world to catch up. Because of the change and all the other different people, different countries, etc. etc. So,, that’s what we will be teaching you next. So you can safely go into starting teaching the next generation. Start off with all the energies and you’ve got quite a lot of those done already. And then we can get those out there. That’s going to take 2 or 3 months, during which time we are going to send you a lot more information.


S: Yes.


Which will make it easier for you to get through to the people to start teaching them and start building up a following. Now your following is not going to be huge massive, right around the world because people have to start right at the beginning. So you get the right sort of people who will follow you. You get the respect that you deserve. They understand what you are doing. And then they will start to teach others and so that’s how, over the next couple of generations, you get the butterfly effect and it will spread. So you are really one of the pioneers, the two of you are pioneers of the next wave, let’s call it that.


S: Okay, so no need to search, just do and be and the right people will find us.


Quite right and there is no further need to concern yourself as to what to do next. It will just naturally happen as we will unfold it for you and you will put it into terms suitable for who you are taking to


S: What they are willing to hear.


Yes, and it will slowly expand from there.


S: Super. Beautiful.


Yes, it is quite something.


S: It is, it’s very special.


I’m going to leave you to somebody else who wants to talk to you. It has been a great pleasure to give you this information.


S: Thank you very much.


A great pleasure.

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