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983 Introduction to our new Guide “No-name”

G: Okay, someone was coming through to communicate because we have different types of guides as well. And one of our new guides is going to be somebody who is already at this new level of course, and knows how to handle it etc. but also represents many other species and so on. So he understands all of those himself. And he is going to be working with us. He came along to sort of introduce himself and show us what was what, but not realising the way that what we are going to see is so much more of ….


S: than what we know.


Lol, yes. And he says sorry to … you know even we make mistakes. He is showing himself as sort of big general chief or whatever.


S: but you know everything happens as it’s meant to happen. So that glimpse of experience will be a contribution to us.


Absolutely. Yes. And I can see him now. He’s just like a big general with a suit of armor and a very big, solid, powerful guy. And he says ok, I’ll be around later on, but … lol, I’ll be in touch. So, our level of guides are going up. And we are working with different people in the future and so on. Still have some of the old ones, and still ‘no name’. Lol.


S: still no name, I was going to say don’t let no name leave us. Lol


Lol. Okay he just says thank you and nice meeting us and lots of love..


S: And goodnight lol.


Lol, and goodnight… lol


S: thank you.


G: brilliant. That is something else.


S: But that’s how it’s meant to be. I mean when I close my eyes when healing someone I see them as energy. That’s how we should see each other. That’s how people on other planets see each other, in colours and that’s just beautiful, because when I’m healing Bruno, he is just energy. He is energies, colours, everything, love, whatever.

But to just see things differently. If you interact with a dog and to give them whatever they require. You interacting with a human and you can just give them whatever they require. Just to give constantly, whatever energy you come across, give them whatever they require. To just be the contribution wherever you go because everywhere you go, people are going to be doing the same thing to you. So it’s give, receive, give, receive, give, receive. Everywhere everything.


That was the meditation I was going to do. Give to the person you love, give to a stranger, now be the receiver.


G: Yes, the way I saw it was at the moment we all walk around individual and you fall down and I say ‘shame’ and carry on.  It’s all individual. Separate, yes. Now when you have the whole thing, all the people, all the animals, all the nature as all one big family; when anything happens anywhere, we are there. So the amount of giving is just huge compared to what we are doing now. But what I understood more, is we couldn’t accept that level until we went through the experiences we’ve gone through at these levels.


S: I know.


G: I mean take when Mom died, 2-3 weeks, people are all with us and then it’s all over. 

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