Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

985  New Energy – The desire to help

G: Right, now in front of me is a sort of fence. A bit like the windbreakers the English put up on the beaches. Now it’s about 6 foot high and when I look inside, it’s a bit like a festival, an event, there is lots of stalls. Loads and loads of stalls. They’ve all got a roof above them. It’s a bit like a Chinese night market. That sort of thing. Loads of people, loads of action, loads of different energies moving around. But I’m sitting on the outside and I’m wondering why I’m on the outside when everything else is on the inside.  So before I go inside, I’m going to walk around the outside, just to see what there is outside. And there’s a lot of bits of pieces, odds and ends, rubbish, discarded things on the outside, all around. Inside it looks like there is lots of action. A nice feeling inside, so, nothing on the outside. I’m going to now go inside and see what is there.

Now walking through all of these stalls.. As I walk through the people disappear. It’s very strange. The whole market is full of people and stalls and so on, but as I walk through, within like a 6-foot radius around me, all the people disappear. The stalls disappear, everything disappears. So obviously they can’t, or I am presuming they can’t see me. I’m presuming this has something else to do with time. Which is the subject we have been on recently.


Now suddenly I’m out of there in a totally different place, on the side of a mountain, desolate, quiet, nothing around, everything blank, no energy. It’s going from one extreme to the other.


S: mmm, space.


G: Now I can see the market way in the distance. Yet I am way out here with all the nothingness.


Spirit: Okay, now, this is a new form of energy that you haven’t encountered before. Where we get major disruptions like you have, I’ll give you an example of the earthquake in Turkey at the moment. If we could go back a few centuries, where there would be a major earthquake, people would feel the energy for a long way. They would then, depending… let’s just say the earthquake happens, there’s a disaster, so they all move away from that particular earthquake zone. And they leave just a few people behind. Everybody else has gone elsewhere to look for a better place. Now how do they find a better place? Going back up onto this hillside where I am at the moment, where there is no energy, I can feel the energy from that market over there. And it’s drawing me towards it. So the energy that is being created is basically to invite people to join a particular group, to come in and be comfortable. To be looked after. So, up on the hillside, would be drawn to the energy in the market. So now, we’ll take a vast area, let’s just take the whole country of Syria, as an example, because that is an awful mess at the moment. And you’ve got people going in all sorts of directions, because of the earthquake. They don’t really know what to do etc. They don’t know where to go and so on. Now, instead of everybody aimlessly running around and getting nowhere. Somewhere, someone has to make the connection or establish a point where this is where we are going to rebuild the area. Rebuild the city or town or whatever. So as people wander through the desert, let’s just say, they get this feeling that they must go in this direction and they are pulled towards an energy of goodness, an energy of helping people, being nice and so on. Nice positive energy.

Now, if you just take at the moment where there has been this horrible earthquake. People who go over there, what they want to do is basically help the people. Now they are creating an energy of wanting to help. It’s the same sort of energy that would attract people to come to a specific direction. Have you ever thought, after the, for instance, after the tsunami that happened in 2004, (Thailand), it was a massive tsunami, where something like 250 000 people were killed, devastation everywhere, whole towns, villages, everything just totally wiped out. All those people ended up washed inshore and ended up in different areas. Their whole villages were destroyed, so where do they go? What happens is at that stage, that’s when this energy kicks in, and people start to go towards the same direction. They go in the same direction and they go together and then they start to form little groups and then the groups get bigger and then they start to put down roots and so on. Now, how can you use that sort of energy? It’s really, all you have to do really, is to understand that energy. Understand how it happens, so that whenever you come across it in the future, and I’m talking about you Sharon.


S: Yes.


Spirit: When you come across it in the future, you will instinctively know what to do. It’s just a matter of thinking that that energy should be created and it is created.

Now you also get people who have been found after 2 or 3 days. They have been washed inland and they have been trapped and all sorts. And they have been found, or rather, escaped from where they are and they have worked their way back to a specific area.  Now they could go in any direction but they go in the direction where they feel there is energy, and knowingly, they do that. And they get back to where there is help. People willing to help them and so on. Now wanting to help people is a natural process. When animals have pups or kittens or whatever. It’s a natural motherly instinct, parent instinct to look after the young. And they give off this energy. That’s why out in the wild, for example, a leopard with cubs will go off and hunt and then come back. The cubs know where the mother is, well,  the mother knows where the cubs are, that’s pretty easy but if the mother moves off in a direction, the cubs are going to automatically follow. So that is a natural instinct. Same as when babies are born, they put the baby on your chest to make the connection etc. the same sort of thing.


S: Yes, you put them in a room and they call you.


Spirit: Yes, it’s a very nice energy, connective energy.  So that’s your first energy for this evening.


S: Funny, on my FB post this morning I was sending a message to send positive energy and if you don’t know what to send, just send the energy of “wanting to help”.


Spirit: Yes, and the other thing you can do, is when you teaching people, instead of getting them to send energy to help, you just tell them “if you don’t know, just ask for God to help them” for example. And they can all relate to that.


S: Yes.


Spirit: They do actually create an energy which is basically, it goes out there, it’s available for anybody to use.


S: Exactly. And that’s also sent upwards.


Spirit: Now that works because people have all different religions. And they don’t even understand energy. Just the natural desire, the wanting to help, will help people. Yes.


S: Yes.


S: Thought is creation. That is what it is.

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