Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

986 – Lessons for Sharon – Crystals and energy

G: Okay, now let’s see where we go next – I’ve gone back to some huge crystals in the ground. They are underground. There seems to be, it looks like 5 really big ones. In a cave somewhere. They are not particularly white, they are dull. But they are in a cave and they are there for a reason. And as usual I haven’t a clue why but they will no doubt tell us.

Okay, now these crystals are half in the ground and half out the ground. The parts that are out the ground are very dull and cloudy and so on. And yet if I extract them from the ground, the bottom  half are sparkling, clean, white, perfect crystal. Now, that there is very much long-term energy. The energy that they give off is, it’s sort of a spare. It’s a “in case you need it” type energy. It’s been around for thousands even millions of years. It’s just there in case it’s needed. Now, as I was saying just now, people who just want to give, have no idea what energy they are giving. There’s always some around, well 99% of the time, there’s somebody around who will supply the energy or is close by, they give the energy, or whatever. If for any reason, that sort of fails, this is like a backup. It’s a huge amount of energy that is made available if anybody is desperate. It’s like a reserve of energy. And it’s not just people that can use it, it’s pretty unusual when that happens, it’s for spiritual use. People like yourselves. So you might need, if you just take Turkey as an example, at the moment there are hundreds, thousands of us helping in Turkey. But on an Earth level, on a 3rd dimension level, it’s limited to the amount of people. So it’s limited, the amount of energy that is in that area, and who can use that particular energy. So this is where the reserve could kick in very nicely. There’s nobody around to activate any more energy, but the people themselves are wanting to help and that creates a group energy that can activate these crystals. It’s just a matter of, the group energy goes out to the people who need it but it’s boosted if you like, because of this crystal down below. To try and get things back on track in the uniform manner, the way that it should be.   Ok, just a little more information


Now I want you to look at the overall energy that we have given you in the last 12 months. Try and see everything at once. And what you will see in your mind is just this giant, lol, space full of different colours, tiny little energies etc. and it’s absolutely immense. That is how you will see the overall thing.  but as you think of specifics, for example,  think of a forest, nature, A River etc. Automatically the energy that you are seeing changes  to suit that particular environment or to read that particular environment.


S: It drops down from it.


Sprit: Yes, and you are seeing it basically, almost as we see it. You are seeing it as an energy for that particular area. So, instead of us working through you, which of course we will still do, you are able to do a lot more of this yourself. Simply by thinking the right way, nothing more. Now, we’ve been over this a few times, but now you are learning more and more, it’s just emphasizing how much more, how much more energy and abilities that you do have.


S: Yes.


Spirit: Right Sharon, over the last few nights you have been doing a lot of astral. And it’s been affecting you during the day as well. As you put it, it’s half in 5D and half in 3D. There is an awful amount there that you that you are having to go through, that you are being given etc. and one thing I would like you to do, is to basically start to tidy up my mind with all the information that you have. And as you think of things, they will automatically be put into boxes on shelves, making tidy instead of having this whole mish mash of information all in one. You need to clear your mind.


S; Yes.


Spirit: So, whatever you think of, waterfall, energy, nature… boom, you pack it away, it’s in one box. You know you can access it any time through thought but you don’t have to have that running through your mind anymore. It can be put away. You have seen the space that you have in front of you.


S: yes.


Sprit: And that space is for use. So, all the information that you have, all the different things that we have shown you, the energies, the colours, the emotions, etc. all go into boxes. So whenever you think of something, just put it in a box, put it on the shelf, and you know it is there whenever you need it.  Now, that leaves you a lot of freedom, so in front of you, when you are confronted with a situation, you will first look at that situation with a very much open mind and a very tidy mind, you haven’t got all these other things mulling around in your head, which will affect what you are seeing. So you will be able to see with much more clarity. And see the overall picture. Then it is a matter of whatever is needed, you know it will be sent. And it will be sent directly from the boxes that you have put away. You don’t have to get anything out, go over it again, etc. It’s simply a matter of sensing and sending through thought. So, there will be a nice open area.


Now for a long time there is going to nobody you can really talk to about this, except your Dad. And you will Learn more and more and you will be, there will be times where you will be unsure as to what you are seeing is correct etc. But that is acceptable and that is the way it should be and that is the way it always will be. You will get more and more experience and things will become easier as you go along. They are going to be pretty easy just to start with the abilities that you have. But there will all be spaces where you will stop, check, think twice, before you continue. If you make a mistake that is fine, that is also a good way of learning etc. But I wanted you to expand on some of that space that you are seeing. Now, let’s just look at that space. You are seeing the space as, let’s just say the size of a football pitch in front of you. But how do you know how big that space is?


S: lol.


Spirit: It could be the space the size of Limpopo for example, condensed into the size of a football pitch. It knows no boundaries. And it also works the other way, you may look at that space and you are in the leg of an insect and you will see things with more clarity. Lol. And so on, so be aware that the dimensions will change and the sizes will change.


S: Yes, ok.


Spirit: Now what E will be doing.. Basically E will have tentacles which will go from you to all of these boxes. So, you are connected to all of them through E. So E is basically part of you, part of your mind, part of your soul, at this stage. That is how your connection is. And she is connected to all that you have learnt so far.   Now just one more thing, where you get a situation where it tends to get a bit complicated, you are not too sure if you are seeing the right thing, you want to check and so on, use water. Crystal clear water and just completely wash the field from one end to the other. It’s just like a torrent of water goes through, wipes everything away and you start again and that can be done in a fraction of a second. That is how you sort of clear the slate so you are seeing again, and that is how you will confirm things.


S: Okay


Spirit: I think that is enough for your lessons for one evening. So I am going to leave  you now.


S: That’s great.


A little bit more in your library. Let’s see if anybody else would like to talk.


S: Thank you


On that note, thank you and good night.


S: thank you, thank you and good night

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