Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

987  Alien group describe their very advanced life style

G: It is once again, a pleasure to visit with you.


S: Welcome.


Spirit: I have brought many others with me, since the last time, so that we can all communicate and share. And they all give their greetings. You see the way that we have to communicate down here is not a matter of moving into your body to use your energy and eyes and ears and so on. It’s simply a matter of moving into one portion of your brain, so that we can communicate.


S: Shew.


Spirit: To see what abilities you have and what words you understand, what words you are able to translate from the information that we give you, and so on.


S: That is amazing.


Spirit: What is interesting for us is, is we are able to see how you see us. Now, you are going to assume that we and other visitors that you have, have eyes. And you see visually, because that is the natural sort of assumption.  Whereas we do not have that at all. We simply sense. You would liken it to the abilities that your bats have, and your snakes.

S: And us meditating.

And sensing.

S: Yes, sensory.

That is how we see things. Now of course we are in a different dimension where the physical attributes, there’s nothing physical at all. We all join together and we share all the information. But we are all simple energy. The energy links up and we can all sense each other’s feelings and abilities and understanding. Now each of us also may think different ways but we will all understand how everybody sees everything. Now that is something which you don’t  have those abilities.

S: No

So how we travel, we travel as a group. We travel as a group of energy. How we grow is very simple, we don’t. lol. We don’t need to grow. We simply need to absorb more information. To be able to consider opening, or starting a physical body, if we need it in the future. But from what we have seen and gathered so far, there is no need to have the physical body. When you think about it, what you are going to do, is you are going to develop on your particular Earth and you are going to move over to the other side. And there, after a while, you are going to move on to levels where you don’t need a physical body, because thought is creation, exactly the same as us. So when we were created, we were created as a group, just thought is creation. And instead of saying, again you see, we don’t have male, female, as you do. We don’t have families. It’s a matter of our initial creation would basically be an empty dish and what we put in that dish is, for simplicity let’s just say, one male one female. Not that we can co create because we just expand as needed. But that is our starting point and then we access information from all over. But we start off by accessing information from the nearest planet to us, which is a planet where we started. And then as we learnt to travel and expand our consciousness then we travel to different planets, different people. We absorb the data that we get from them and therefore we collect more and more information. So the speed which we collect information is enormous compared to what you are doing.

S: Oh yes.

Now again, developing this way, we don’t have the attributes that you have here, as you’ve heard from various other visitors that you have had come along, of emotions and so on.

S: Yes

We can understand what you have experienced through you having emotions and we can add that to our library of information. But we don’t actually experience it, we simply understand it. We don’t have to go through the experience. Somebody has already done that. It’s a bit like going to University and going through and getting all the answers, you don’t have to calculate and work it out yourself. All the answers are there. So, you imagine going, if you had the ability to just go to every university in your world. And as you go through the university you get all the answers that have been created in that university since the day it started. So you get all the answers, you understand them and you move on to the next university. So, it’s a way of rapidly gathering information. But it’s a way that doesn’t have any emotion and feeling, and understanding how to change any of the rules, regulations, laws, understandings, findings, that you have done already. We don’t have that ability. We leave it to everybody else to do that. So, we are basically gatherers of information. Very cold, very clinical and very calculating. So there are many of us. We have such a huge volume of information at the moment. But there is no togetherness. Now let’s just take, what you would term ‘happiness’ as an example, we don’t have a happiness. Because it is not needed. We gather information, that is all. So, it’s a bit like having a computer, all your information goes onto one computer. So that’s all here, all available when we need it. But what can we do with it? All we can do is gather more and more information. Now, what would happen at a later stage if we decide we have got so much information, let’s try and add to it by experiencing some of the things ourselves. We have to find where there are gaps of something which we need to experience. So instead of a 4-legged animal, let’s try a 6-legged animal, that hasn’t been done. As a very poor example. So we could try that, but what is then the point of us starting to create a physical 6-legged animal in an environment, and all the different things that go with it, the atmosphere, the food, the longevity and so on. When we can simply go to somebody who has done similar or as near as, and get all that information in literally the blink of an eyelid. So, just another form of understanding. Another form of growing. So, where we will end up eventually, will be very interesting. Now, we don’t know. This is what’s very fascinating about us, is we have just an extreme amount of information and we are gathering more and more. Now you understand the size of the galaxies and the planets and so on.

S: Yes.

Multiply that by all the different dimensions, all the different civilisations. Not just civilisations but other groups that have grown like us, where there is no civilisation, just a manner of gathering data or similar. So, it’s really never ending but because we don’t understand enjoyment as such, we understand more accomplishment. And the accomplishment is a matter of gathering more data.

S: Yes.

So even the accomplishment is nothing, to use one of your phrases, nothing to write home about.

S: lol, or highlighted, yes.


S: So we literally have been talking about, if you.., you can hear about anything, you can go to college, university, you can be taught anything, you can be told anything, but to experience it, is a whole different ball game.


S: You have all the emotions, all the,… which is exactly what you saying you don’t have. So you learn all that but there is no, there’s not as much energy in it. Because in the experience of it, you’ve got all the energy, all the emotions, all the this, all the that, thoughts, feelings, emotions, all these things going around in a snowball.


S: with that one experience. Whereas when you learn about the experience, it’s just the experience.

Yes. that’s right. And of course, us learning about it, we learn the whole thing in a fraction of a second.

S: Yes.

Whereas for you to experience it can take you many years to go through it, or often many lifetimes, till you understand it. Now we can understand those many lifetimes and experiences  in a matter of seconds. So, what we have to ask ourselves maybe in the end, is “is this the best way to go”?

S: Yes.

Then when we look at all the different millions and millions of planets that we have been able to draw information from, and then we look at all of them and say “well, which one is the best one?” and there is none, because each have their own benefits and pros and cons and so on. So there is no, I mean to us, what would be more excitement is to come across somewhere which has more data. Whereas you, to be more excitement on your planet would be to, for love, for finance, for peace, for all sorts of things. Quite a variety.

S: Yes, it’s crazy hey.


S: It’s beautiful though. They say Variety is the spice of life.

Lol. Ok, we will move along and this is the second time we have visited you; I don’t know if you remember the first.

S: Yes, we do, yes.

It’s a lot easier to get through this time.

S: Thank you for coming to visit us.

It’s been a pleasure and I hope we come and visit again.

S: That would be amazing, thank you.

Thank you.

S: And good night. Lol.

Lol, yes, we heard, thank you and good night.

G: There were two other groups that were watching that exchange. One is like a red Indian group and one is a bit like a caveman nature group. What they have been doing is living their lives over and over, on a much slower basis, without wanting to evolve too much, but rather learning more about their existence and how to improve their daily, how to improve their individual life. So, let’s just make that really rough, let’s just say it’s red Indians, they don’t want to evolve into living in towns, cities etc. What they want to do is sort of stay in their particular area and just understand the plants, the flowers, the sun, the moon and everything more and more and more. And the deeper understanding that they have of nature, the more beneficial it is to them. And they have their peace and harmony and see no need to basically evolve, when they have their nirvana where they are.

The caveman type, they say, is not really caveman, it’s just a different form of nature, not a red Indian, but a different form of nature, but they are going through exactly the same scenario.

Now that’s definitely enough for tonight. And everybody

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