Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

988 (Alien) We have everything but cannot evolve

G: I have someone right inside me, just getting comfortable. He seems to be a very powerful person, just the manner in which he’s taking over. I can feel it, very strong. He’s just getting organised, I think


Spirit: Thank you for letting me visit this evening.


S: You are welcome.


The surroundings are just so unusual, for what I am used to. I am finding it very interesting to see that you have buildings, and trees, plants, weather, animals…


S: Lol.


For we have none of these.


S: Wow. It’s a very busy planet.


It certainly is.


S: Lots of energies and varieties.


What you are doing here is you are looking at all the different possibilities of improving the energy of emotion, understanding of life, and so on. And as you evolve, and learn more, you develop more, things improve more and you progress. We are from a much higher dimension and our purpose here this evening is not to interrupt or to give you false information. Just to make you aware of possibilities that do exist elsewhere. Possibilities of where you can extend to and so on.


S: Ok.


Many many many lifetimes ago, we were in the same position as you. We evolved and we evolved several different ways. As we reached a certain level, which is one above the level you are at at the moment. We broke off into several other variations of possibilities and just grew and grew, until we had an enormous number of possibilities. And an enormous amount of experience dating back millions of years. This is all combined into one single energy. The same as your one creator created the whole thing. We got together and we, to simplify things, made our experience and our lives all part of one energy. We then took all the different possibilities and we looked at the highest best possibility that we could get, with any single question. And these were then put into, let’s just term them “building blocks”. So it would be, and I am simplifying here, one block, it’s just energy, no matter, no form. So we created these single energies and there were literally millions of them. So to ask any question, could simply be answered. A way you would look at it, is this would be AI.


S: Yes.


Ask a question, you get a simple answer. What we don’t have is any emotion at all. Emotion was taken out. What we did and made a huge mistake, was by putting all of us together, we then excluded ourselves. And what we said was, if we can create this ‘near to perfection’ social program, then we needed to do, was basically absorb ourselves into the program. So we all became part of it. So there was no individual, so there was no one person better off than the other. So, we all became one. One unit. Although we all operate individually we are all one particular unit. Now because of this, and you’ve heard this before, there is no room for evolving.


S: Yes.


We have what we would term ‘perfection’. And we have the wisdom of the rulers of that particular era. Which is probably 10 thousandths or hundredths or whatever era. And they decided this was the best thing to do, and we all got absorbed into one. So, what we are, is basically a collection of everything which is now made into nothing. Being energy, being thought, thought is creation. The next stage was to say ‘we don’t need anywhere to live’. We don’t need planets; we don’t need anything physical. We don’t even need to see each other because we can create in our minds, whatever we need to do. And we create the best of everything that there is. So we simply exist as one bundle of energy, let’s say, in a vacuum.  


S: Shew, wow.




S: And where to from there? Lol.


Exactly, and that is our question. Where to from there?


S: Yes.


Now because we are all individual, but all working together, there are no leaders. Because that was part of what we put into the program, that there wouldn’t be a leader. So what has to happen, is our group, our whole one brain if you like, has to come together and say “we need to… what? Dismantle? Start again? Dissipate?


S: Yes, that’s a choice.


So who do we get information from, to be able to do that, when we have gathered all the information?


S: Shew.


There is nowhere to go now, to get advice, to what to do next. We can only wait until somebody gets to our particular level and surpasses us, to be able to say to us, “this is what you need to do”.

Now, what you needn’t do is to feel sorry for us. Because we live in a society where we have everything possible. Every single thing possible, we’ve got. What it means of course, is where you have the positive, the negative and the balance. We have it on a very minute scale. Because we have everything, what is the worst that can happen?


S: Yeah.


To try and relate it to a game of golf – instead of a hole in one, you would get a slower hole in one. And that will be seen as a negative.


S: Lol


So that is how we live. So we understand what the scenario is, we understand where we are at. And we simply have to wait until others progress and pass us. And then we can contact them and say “we need help, we need you to tell us, what is the best thing to do?”


S: Advice, yes. Wow.


Now, we could ask the two of you, for example. But the answer you would give, we already looked at all the different possibilities, based on your experience.


S: exactly.


So, and the same with all other planets. Lol.


S: Wow.


So, we were asked to give you a bigger picture. You have been collecting information on how the world is structured, or how the universe, metaverse is structured.


S: Yes.


And there is just so much more to it, than can be possibly told.


S: Absolutely


Because we know everything, how do we describe to you what we know, compared to what you know?


S: Not a possibility.


No. You have, in your teachings, you have been told that there are more planets out there than there are grains of sand on your Earth.


S: Yes.


What you know right now, is practically the same as that. Now that sounds too extreme. But the problem is, you cannot see something which you haven’t experienced or got any idea of. If I could give you a small example: which is close, if you look at, we look outwards. You are on the Earth and you are looking out at the universe.


S: Yes.


And you know the universe is billions of years wide. When you look inwards, at what is smaller, it stops. It shouldn’t stop. The same is smaller. Billions of years wide has an opposite. You have opposites of everything. So therefore you have an opposite. So, if you go smaller and smaller and smaller,….. Dark holes for example are minute. You haven’t got anywhere to that stage yet. And yet there is all forms of life and growth and possibilities on a smaller level, that you have never even considered. And then you get your light, your dark,  your energies, your emotions and so on. These are all very very basic forms that everyone starts with.


S: Yes, we have met many people with no emotions. (coming to talk to us)


Yes, it’s quite fascinating to see how the Universe has grown, how it’s expanded. And also how your scientists have not really understood clearly, how the Earth started, what you call your ‘big bang theory’. It is along the right lines but quite incorrect.


S: I think because power and ego and all those energies came into it, so they block that off, and the lies and the deception and manipulation. So they block the energy of growth of that.


Yes, they are not truthful.


S: yes


Because of the reasons you explained. For ego for example, somebody will spend years on a particular project only to find out that it is a failure. But cannot face having a failure, so manipulates the results or claims the wrong things.

I think that is a very good start to your evening.


S: I think that is an amazing start, thank you.


And I have enjoyed the visit. And maybe we will even talk some time again in the future.


S: Thank you so much for coming to talk to us. And it’s really been very special. And good luck on your travels, your journey and coming across somebody that can give you some advice.


Lol. Yes, we do this every day. I mean there is nothing else for us to do.


S: exactly, what else to do?


Yes. lol. Yes, you quite right. It’s just a matter of travelling and talking to people and different languages and different people very day, so.


S: I love it. Enjoy that.


It’s quite something. Well, let me leave you with one thing. Should you be, at any stage, stuck in a quandary or whatever, please just feel free to think of us, just think of us as a ray of light, nothing else.


S: I will so do that, thank you.


And we will help you with the answers that we have.


S: Thank you. That means a lot.


Good. Thank you.

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