Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

989 Verna explains how emotion is different on the other side

G: Okay, Granny is here. She’s just going to explain a bit. What she is saying is ‘now that you have seen the possibility and the extreme, you can understand that up here, there is …. We don’t experience things close, as you do on Earth. She is saying “when I come down and I get to Earth vibrations, I can feel the vibrations and love from both of you and so on. But staying at a distance means I don’t feel those and you don’t feel them from me either. We had this green cushion in the beginning which has now been done away with.


Mom: So what I experience from this level, is to see the two of you progress. To see your future, your background, what you have been doing, and so on. All the bits and pieces which are relevant. But I see them without the interference or emotion, if you like. When I see the emotion now, I can feel for instance a hug coming my way. And I know what it is. I don’t have to feel it, to know what it is. I can see it and know what it is.


S: No emotion, yes.


Yes, so we handle emotions in different ways. We understand them, because we have been there, we’ve felt them, we’ve experienced them. And now when we see them, we know exactly what they are. Now, let me give you an example right now…. Experience a hug from me, right now. Now what you are doing is remembering one that has happened. And you don’t actually feel something, you remember the feeling that you had.


S: Yes.


That’s what it is. So that’s the way I see it.


S: It’s energy, yes.


Yes, it’s all energy. So there is still, obviously an enormous amount of love that we had and have between us but it’s viewed a different way from here. For a specific reason. We don’t want to go through the next few years having feelings of grief, sorrow and so on. We want to go through the next few years of happiness and progressing and doing what we want to do.


S: Absolutely.


But you must always know that that connection is always there and it will never ever waiver.


S: That’s what keeps us going. Lol.


Lol. Yeah, I’d love to tell you more about what I’m doing but you are experiencing things which I just dreamt about when I was there.


S: I know, just today on the balcony I was imagining “aw imagine if you were here granny, the 3 of us experiencing this”.


Yeah, what I experience now, is … I experience things in a totally different way than you. You are seeing these things as totally amazing, mind blowing, to use your worlds, and so on. Whereas I see them as an expansion of what I already know. And although it’s pretty amazing for me, it’s a beautiful, satisfying feeling to see all this beautiful expansion. And to see the two of you, working together, on your particular paths, and generating so much energy, and understanding, and love for each other. It’s too beautiful.

So, I am very happy, lol. I am enjoying what I am doing here. I will always be here for you. And now I am going to leave you so somebody else can come and talk. And for a long time you haven’t had a big “mwah”.


S: Mwah, right back atcha.

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