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990 Jan 2023 Very bad storms coming

G: let me explain what I am seeing. It’s a bit like I am looking at the horizon and there is a huge storm coming. First of all I thought they were showing us that this is sort of a daily ongoing collection of the World’s negative energy. That can sort of get better or worse every day. Then I thought maybe it’s a storm coming here. I’m still trying to find out. There’s a huge storm at sea.


Okay, I was right, with the first thing. The worst thing is the weather. You know how negativity is taken down to the rivers and sea etc. to disperse. What’s happening now is we are getting so much negativity because there are so many countries that are in chaos. And more and more negative is being created. And far more than can be handled comfortably. So what that is creating is very bad weather. There will be a lot of bad weather at sea. A lot of this can be stored at sea, where it doesn’t damage anybody etc. But a lot is going to be on land as well. Because it has to come back to the land, so we can get the correct balance that is needed. So when you do bad things you need to be punished. That’s just a simple way of looking at it. So this negative energy is coming down, turning into bad weather, but in a lot of different places. In a lot of unusual places as well.


Now, there are some places, where the energy isn’t bad at all. I am not sure why they are showing me this. Northern Ireland is one, Sweden, Norway is another


S: There living structure is much better in Norway and those places.


Yes, I think you are right, yes. It is where the positive energy is. Now coming down through Europe on the right-hand side, there’s a place… Switzerland, okay, Switzerland is another one, that’s ok. Very few other places… New Zealand. Some of the smaller islands in the Caribbean. And some places in America and some not. Two distinct places there. And to the right-hand side of Canada, you’ve got Baffin Island, Greenland, there’s hardly anybody there, those are very tranquil places too. Now, the reason I am being shown this… let’s figure that out.


Okay, the common denominator here is mountains. We know energy is stored in mountains. And in these particular countries in the mountains, you’ve got very positive energy stored. That is for a reason. When things get out of balance in the other countries and there’s way too many of them. Then there’s more positive energy can be drawn from these mountains in these other countries. Just to try and retain the balance as best as possible, instead of letting it go to the extreme too fast. Also, when things start to correct themselves, once the drama is over and wars, the bad weather and so on and so on, you need positive energy, and because not a lot is being created, we start off by using the basis of energy in these particular mountains. As a sort of foundation. To get each particular country going again. Once you start the positive energy rolling, it starts to create more and more, more people join in, more people feel it and the energy extends and grows. And that’s what’s needed to correct the change that is happening. So, majority of the countries, we are talking about 90% of the countries are going to go through huge drama in economics, in weather, in famine, in starvation, in all sorts of things. And once they’ve been through that, then they will need positive energy to start to regrow in that particular area. It’s going to be spread over many years, 10-15 years. And, as each one starts to regrow, it creates more positivity which will start to slowly spread into other countries. Now I’m saying slowly because again, you can’t do too much at once, the whole thing can’t just change, it’s got to be bit by bit. So this is a stable, secure, solid base for the future of the whole planet.


And there you have it for a simple ending to this evening, thank you and goodnight. Lol.


S: Thank you and goodnight. Wow..

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