Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

991 Experiencing dimensions when you cross over

G: Okay, this is very similar to somebody that spoke the other day. About having too much information. What I am being shown is a huge palace, it’s in the middle of a forest miles from anywhere, it looks like an uninhabited area. In the middle there is this huge, very ornate, multi-colored palace.  And it’s one really big room with a view in all directions, so it’s like huge windows, open, just openings in all directions. And it’s made up of multicolored whatever it is. Multi-colored stones, crystals, I don’t know what it is, but anyway…. In the middle is one chair and it’s enough for one person, and he will sit there and have access to this enormous amount of information. Information is a collection of experiences, far more than you can imagine. And it’s used for filling gaps for Souls at a higher level, let’s say.


So when you have finished a single lesson on Earth, you cross over and you haven’t finished exactly what you thought, you can quickly go through somebody’s experience who has had that experience, just to fill in all the small gaps, to save you doing that lifetime again.


Now the palace is for those at a much higher level. Now there is not really a palace there but it is just the way we have to show it to you so that you can understand at your level. So what they would do is simply sit in this chair and have access to all this information and it will fill in all the gaps, because you are experiencing what you think is one life on 1 Earth at the moment. And that is all you are really interested in. Your higher self of course has several of you, working in different dimensions, different places,  Gathering different information. And when you get to the level above that, where you get groups of Higher selves joining together to make one huge higher self, then you get a lot of conflicting evidence, a lot of conflicting information; and therefore it needs to be sorted out and clarified, before they can progress to the next stage. So that is where we would use this Palace of memories, you would call it a palace of experiences. So the mind itself you would call it, will go there and access all this information, so they can clarify exactly what it needs. So that it can complete what it has to do. And then it is able to move on.


S: Okay.


Now at every level, this is what happens. When you get to the really lower levels, your higher self would, let’s say send out maybe 10 of you, to experience 10 different lives in 10 different eras.

There could even be 10 different lives on this planet here. So that it could experience male, female, black, white, all at once in one particular era. But then again you need to see it in other areas as well, and so on. There’s lots that can be done. So at that level, you need to clarify before you can move up a level, and that is purely your choice. You will have a look and then you will decide whether or not you want to learn more. What you don’t want to do is be given all the answers, you must experience the answers because it’s exactly the same as the level that you are at now, you need to experience before you can actually truly believe it. You don’t need to be told.


S: Yes.


So once you have experienced, you can truly understand, and then you can teach it to others.


S; Yes.


So every level going upwards, is exactly the same even to the highest level. What this does, is it  makes sort of a purity of their experiences, the research done, if you like.


S: The authenticity of the energy


Authenticity, yes, a very good word. But you will reach a certain level where you will meet up with many others who have gone through almost the same experience as you, that have different outcomes.


S: yes


Because their experience has been slightly different. Based on a whole variety of factors


S: yes


So now what you have to do, is tie-up with them, and that is not possible. And that is because you need to experience. To see what they experience you need to understand it fully.


S: Yes.


And this is where you have, even at a higher level, what you would consider to be the majority positive, a little bit negative and to get balance. You cannot have absolute purity on everything, it’s simply not possible. So everything is based on people’s opinions, what they believe based on what they have experienced.


S: And where they are at


Absolutely. And there are so many factors out there. Just in the multiple of billions of factors.


S: Yes.


So they cannot all be exactly the same for each particular person. That is what creates an understanding of a universe, of a society, of a country, of an experience


S: Yes, I mean five of us went through an experience that was traumatic, and we can all perceive it differently




S: Because we are all in a different space, a different place, a different mindset, different points of views, seeing it in a different way


Yes. You are quite right. So when you meet with other people and you already know that there is a huge variety of religions out there, and a huge variety, or variations of spiritual understanding


S: Yes.


You cannot say to one person, this is wrong. Because in their minds they perceive it differently and therefore they have different experiences and therefore have different outcomes.


S: Absolutely


So, there has to be tolerance and understanding of everything that goes on. That creates a huge amount of frustration in the beginning but I think you are beginning to see the huge variations that we have. That you cannot have a perfect understanding. And if we go back to what you considered to be what you would teach right in the beginning and why we made you wait. Lol. Because now, you are seeing a completely different picture.


S: Yes.


Now, a year ago you were well qualified to teach but only to teach at a specific level.


S: Yes.


To teach people who understood the same way as you did, or very close. But now, you can see a much bigger picture, your teaching is going to be different. You are going to have much more tolerance and people will still perceive what you say, to the way in which it suits them, that suits their experience that they have had.


S: Yes.


Mmm. Quite something.


S: Very very different.




S: And I can feel it in every experience I have.


Yes. Your world is changing fast. It will be a while before it reaches the peak, but these changes have to be, they cannot happen all at once. It would be nice to have one tragedy across the world which changed everybody’s thinking. But there are so many variables again that need changing, and we cannot just have one particular event that will change for everybody.


S: Yes.


So you need a series of all these smaller events to make changes. Now if you just take the ones happening at the moment, in Turkey, where you have a group of people where thousands of people have a lost loved ones, friends, family, and so on. And thousands of others have been affected, those that are, the international aid for example, those that are helping over there, those that are close by. So that just affects one particular group their particular lesson. Now there are only a few thousand dead, 40 000 dead and that is nothing compared to what is needed to change this earth. But that is just an example of one thing that can happen.


S: Yes.


Now in Ukraine, of course, you’ve got another thing that is happening where you have got close to 100,000 dead at the moment and they are all, well, all in the same category, put it that way. So the change can be affected for all of them exactly the same way, near enough the same way anyway.

So these events will happen all over the world, and they will happen in a variety of different ways. And also as one thing happens in one country, it will affect people in another country.


S: Absolutely.


And if you just take how people perceive, a very good example is the tsunami you had and 9/11 and so on. How people see that from across the world and each one sees it differently based again, on their experiences. So the world will be changing bit by bit.


S: And everyone knows exactly what they were doing in those moments, when that happened.


Yes,  very true


S: They imprint it


Very much so. A dramatic effect. Well if you think what drama, ….if you look at your day-to-day drama for example, and you see something which has an impact like that, what do you think a nuclear war would do?


S: Exactly


Mmm. Now with the wars that are going on at the moment, the war that you have in Russia and Ukraine, that is causing an awful lot of thought. So many people are seeing it, again, different ways. It’s affecting so many people, In their particular country, with their upbringing, the experience and so on. How it’s affecting them. If you take just the people, take the government’s for example, that are supplying weapons, ammunition, assistance and so on;  there is far more of that that goes on than you believe. How many people do you think it is affecting that are  involved in that? And then you get all the people that are reading the news about the 200,000 deaths and this that and the other. They all see it different ways.


S: Yes


That is huge .So everybody gets affected by all sorts of things. Now,  when you get an outcome from the war, what happens with the war after that? People have had so much experience with the Russia Ukraine war, they will assume the next war will go pretty much the same way, and so on and so on.

So there’s going to be a lot of change over a period, a lot of different things change,  different situations, different understandings.


G: And he is gone.


S: Wow, nighty night.


(Our regular Guide NO-NAME takes over)The reason we get the quick message is because of time. Time over here is so much,.. it’s compressed. So different. That we can take one spec of time here and then transmit it to you and it will become half an hour of normal human conversation.

So we don’t always have time for niceties at the end, unless we see the sign above the door. Lol.


S: It’s got to be so much fun over there.


It is when you have a comparison. When you compare it to what you have down there, then of course it is totally different, you can see the comparison. But when we work as we do up here, with all the work we do it’s quite normal, it’s just day-to-day work. But most enjoyable for us.


S: yeah.


One of the, probably the nicest parts for us is that we are learning all the time, but we don’t have the downside that you do here, where you have the negativity that you want to learn. For example, with your financial situation at the moment, in your world. It’s, everybody is suffering so much just through something that is just not important, it’s not important, in the bigger picture.

And yet you have to learn that, to be able to understand, see the bigger picture. So yes, we don’t have to suffer those sorts of things. Health for example, we don’t suffer of course, which is only on the planets. 


S: yes. And then on this physical plane people see that as lack and then they focus on the lack,  rather than whatever it is we could be putting our Focus and energy and creativity on.


Just explain that.


S: So if someone is lacking money, they will focus on the lack of the money.


I see what you mean.


S: And their energy all goes there.


Quite right. But that is something that they have to learn. To understand how to use money you have to see the downside and the downside of course is as you say, having a lack of it. And once you understand that, once you move on to a different level, you realise that money is not important.


S: yes. We’ve kind of been there. Lol.


Lol, As you said, you’ve got that t-shirt.


S: Yes, we’ve got all the t-shirts so now we can help all the people. Lol.



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