Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

991 Live in the now

G: Okay, now I’ve got a fairground. I walk into this fairground and the fairground is empty. All the stalls are there. Everything is open but nothing is actually working. Now let’s just see what they want here.

Ok, the last people, you were talking about money. How you need money. And you were talking about the lack of money and so on. You go through these experiences and you go through the lack of these different things, and the opposite of that is having a surplus of these things.

Now, there is a fairground here and you can open the fairground, you can walk around and you can enjoy the fair. All you have to do is open it but you don’t think about it, what you think about doing is saying ‘there’s no fairground here’.


S: Mmm


So you look at the opposite angle down here because it’s what you know and you have to experience that side of it. Once you have done that then you can look at things the opposite way around.


When you go to the next, let’s just say your next lifetime, once you’ve learnt this particular lesson, then you can say right, we need more happiness, more fairground, more enjoyment, whatever. And you can simply go in that direction, instead of saying we don’t have that. The lack of that. There is in fact a surplus of that, you just have to go there. Now what happens then is you can have too much of everything. Imagine if you could have everything that you wanted, based on the experience that you have now. Every food you want, every car you want, every house, every material thing that you want, every emotional thing that you want. If you could have everything, how would that benefit you?


S: No, not at all


Exactly, it would be the opposite.


S: Everything that you are saying is deterring me because that is not what I would want.


Yes, because you wouldn’t evolve, you wouldn’t learn. So you have to learn. So what do you do, is as you progress and you understand that, you understand that you cannot have a surplus of either? Or too much of either, or an extreme of either. You understand that you must be in the middle. And being in the middle means, I can just be content with what I have and I can now learn a variety of different things, so let me now go and learn about money. Whether I have it or not, it makes little difference, I will learn about it and I will be content while I learn.


S: Yes.


So, the next step is to live in the now. Live in the now, enjoy the now and don’t let other things worry you.


S: Influence you


Yes. Now, this one is said many times, that living in the now is what needs to be done but it’s not an easy thing to do which is quite right, it is not easy because of the way that you have been programmed  on your planet.


S: Yes that is quite right.


But you will learn that, to live in the now, to enjoy the day. If you look at your gurus in history and so on, that live on mountain tops, they live in the now, they enjoy the day. They tend to distance themselves off from the day-to-day workings of the world, they let somebody else get on with that and they just enjoy what they have.


S: yes.


It’s taken a long time to get there, but they have learnt that and they do actually enjoy the now. So that is a stage you will reach very shortly, but not in this lifetime.

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