Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

995 Humans will become smaller and healthier

Spirit: Right, now we are going to have a look at the health of everybody. As we discussed the other week. Physical bodies are going to change. They are going to be lighter, slimmer, because there is not so much manual labor anymore. So, strong men aren’t needed so much. So, you will become a bit smaller, the race will become a bit smaller, a bit lighter. And what they need to be is  healthier. Now it’s all very well to be a bit lighter and slimmer and so on, but you’ve got to be a bit healthier. Because the healthier you are physically, the more comfortable you are, emotionally.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So it’s a matter of becoming more aware of how your body is reacting and how much better it will be, if you just exercise that little bit more and became more comfortable in your physical state.


S: More body awareness?


Spirit: Body awareness, yes. Correct. It’s got a lot worse than people realise. That’s mainly because of your supermarkets, your choices of food and so on. The majority of food is not good quality food.


S: No


Spirit: Although it’s practical food. So the average person is not as thin as they should be. Nearly everybody is a little bit overweight, or a lot overweight. Most people aren’t comfortable with their lungs, their breathing, their heart.


S: Their body


Spirit: Their body in general. So, and with the development of the pharmaceuticals that has gone on, and again, as we discussed the other evening, the new generation will find better ways of harvesting healthy food and providing that to the nation, rather than the pharmaceuticals. Or healthy pharmaceuticals are another way to put that.


S: Yeah.


Spirit; Ok, we’ve labored that point enough. 

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