Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

999 March 2023 Black ‘roads’ to connect to places for our energy to be sent

G: I am surrounded by a blackness. It’s not negative or painful or harmful, it’s black cloud, it’s communication. It sort of goes to my chest, the top of my head, and it goes out in all directions for an awful long way. So this is a type of communication. Why it is black is because it hasn’t been used as yet, or we haven’t been told how this communication will actually work.

Now, you have learned, we’ve said so many times, extreme amounts of information, this vast amount of information is available to you, and you have your helper who will keep things in order when you look for them and so on. But without, being able to disperse this information, you’re not able to help too many people. So the black cloud is basically it’s like roads, in your society. But what you’re able to do in this particular case is send information, thoughts, whatever energy. There are these roads to various parts of the world, to various people. Now, there’s two things you can do. You can send information to a specific area. Now, you know, you’ve been able to do that for a long time. You can send energy to Russia, for example. and it’s pretty straightforward because you’ve been doing it for a long time. But now, you must understand that on this side, we need to automate things, we need to be able to take the energy that you’ve sent and take it and deliver it to the place it’s supposed to be.

Now, there’s a process in place for doing that, and I’m showing you just in the form of roads, just for simplicity. The second thing that you’re able to do with this information is to team up with a group in a different part of the country or different part of the world that can access information and be on the same level as you, be able to join in your meditation, join in your, sending of energy to whatever cause is needed. if I can give you a past example with Turkey, you would have been able to just connect that with various groups in Turkey, or going to Turkey, or being anywhere in the world and working in Turkey, connect that with all of them, and you’ll be able to work together. Now, this is going to be one of the next steps that you learn, and it’s going to be how to communicate with these different groups.

We’re going to put you in touch with different groups and you’re able to work with them. And in your meditations, you’ll occasionally get something which you’ll all do together. And it’s just a matter of sending this group energy when a lot of energy is needed in a specific area. So the access is all over the world. Now, you are able to send all sorts of information, all sorts of energy from all the knowledge you have in the libraries and past experience, the whole works, simply through thought, simply through pure thought and thinking the right way. So your training, if you like, not quite completed, as you thought it was. There’ll always be more, there’ll always be little bits and pieces more.

S: Absolutely.

Spirit: And as you know, you can’t be taught too much at once. So it’s a little bit extra each time.

S: Yeah.

Spirit: Now, I want you to just do, for this exercise, just travel down this road. And I want you to think of, let’s take an area where there is still some work to be done. And we use Turkey. Now, just imagine a straight black road going to Turkey, and you go straight down it. shew. You end up in Turkey. It’s that simple.

S: Okay.

Spirit: Now you won’t be seeing the roads , but you will just, you now have the knowledge that the roads are there. And because you have that knowledge, you’re able to access them much quicker.

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