Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

A GENERAL CHAT TO SPIRIT KIDS 1989 By The Spiritual Dictionary

Verna – They suggest that we fly as a bird, this will heighten our vibrations and lift us up spiritually and so if we go into our gardens for a start and find a little bench or stone to sit on, and we look up into a tree which is full of birds, we see the different colours and hear the different sounds, and there will be one bird in particular which will attract your attention, and what you will do with your mind and with the help of your friends is pretend you are that bird and you will find yourself flying off from your gardens, no mad flapping, you are just lifting away and sailing through the skies, first quite close to the ground.

And for the first time you really see the top of the trees, from a bird’s point of view, and for interests sake you may fly over your lake with a little waterfall on the side, and see it from a view you have never imagined exists, and then over your garden and see how your garden grows, and the down into the valley and you also see the valley from a different angle and you feel so free and uplifted, and it is just wonderful. And if any other birds are flying next to you, they are guides and spirits and friends and they have come to join you. And you sail through the valley, it is just so lovely, and then you see a river, and you fly in between the trees, quite slowly, you see the clear water trickling over the rocks, and you hear other birds in the trees, there are so many birds there and so much spirit. And then continue flying and see where your guides or your friends who are with you tonight will take you, or wherever you wish to go. And at the end of the rainbow is your garden, but you are high enough to fly into this rainbow of all the spiritual colours and you will slowly but surely float and absorb all the colours from this rainbow, as you slowly in a curve descend in such a peaceful way until you reach the end of the rainbow, which is your garden. Isobel if you want to channel then just stay in your garden, if everyone wants to come out of meditation and give Isobel the love and the energy, then she can stay in her garden for there is someone with her. And we will help her to channel. If the feeling is not nice then send them away. Isobel (Channeling) – Hello Verna – Hello, I knew you were there, the same person that channeled last time. Geoff – You are Adrian aren’t you? Verna – Are you Isobel’s friend? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes. Geoff – You were shy last time, I remember. Isobel (Channeling) – I was? Shy? Geoff – Yes. Are your friends with you this time? Isobel (Channeling) – No. Geoff – No other children? Isobel (Channeling) – Not this time, maybe a few, not as many as last time. Geoff – What did you do today? Isobel (Channeling) – I went swimming. Geoff – Do you like swimming? Isobel (Channeling) – Yeah, it is pretty nice. Geoff – At least you can make it has hot or as cold as you want to can’t you? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes but you still have to go in the water. Still feels like the water, it is not like the air. Geoff – Did you swim in the sea or a lake? Isobel (Channeling) – Lake, a big one, I think a big one, because I am little so it looks big. Geoff – Up there, do you have to hold your breath when you are under water? Isobel (Channeling) – No, you can’t talk but you can understand what other people are saying or thinking even under the water. Verna – And do you swim with any dolphins or fish? Isobel (Channeling) – Maybe fish, big fish, but dolphins, no. Geoff – Do you know what a dolphin is? Isobel (Channeling) – A fish, a big fish. It has got a long nose, with a tube and it always looks like it is smiling. Geoff – Yes they are very clever fish. Who is looking after you today? Isobel (Channeling) – I think it is Mary and Harry. Geoff – And do you call him Uncle Harry, or Harry? Isobel (Channeling) – Just Harry. Geoff – That’s nice, is he old? Isobel (Channeling) – He is not very, very old. Verna – And have you got a special girlfriend up there? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes. Verna – And what is her name? Isobel (Channeling) – Do I have to tell you? Verna – No, not if you don’t want to. Geoff – But it would be fun to know. Isobel (Channeling) – You would like to know. Alice. Geoff – And how old is Alice. Isobel (Channeling) – A little older than me. Geoff – Oh lucky you. Isobel (Channeling) – Laughs. Verna – And her name starts with an “A” just like yours. Isobel (Channeling) – That is true. Verna – Beginning of the alphabet. Isobel (Channeling) – The first letter. Verna – That’s right. Geoff – Do you have lessons every day? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes every day we have to learn something new, but it is interesting, and today we learnt….I can’t remember, that is not good is it? Verna – Tell me who is with you that has got red hair, is it you? Isobel (Channeling) – No, I haven’t got red hair, let me have a look. Curly red hair? Verna – Yes. Isobel (Channeling) – Oh yeah, it is a little boy. Verna – He is trying to get closer to you. Isobel (Channeling) – Oh. Verna – I think he is looking for a friend. Isobel (Channeling) – You can come to me, I am a nice boy. Verna – Maybe you can help him, afterwards, I think he is very new. Isobel (Channeling) – It is Eric? Is his name Eric? Yes it is Eric, hello Eric. He doesn’t understand does he? Verna – He wants to go closer to you but he is very shy. He doesn’t really understand yet, but he is so proud of you watching you channel. Isobel (Channeling) – It takes a little time to understand, especially when you are little, but I will be his friend. Verna – Oh yes he is smiling now, oh he has got very curly hair hasn’t he? Isobel (Channeling) – Every time he smiles they curl more! Laughs. Verna – And so many freckles. Isobel (Channeling) – He likes that! Geoff – Tell me, if you go swimming and you learn things, what do you do at night? Isobel (Channeling) – Oh we have to sleep, and we talk and laugh. Miriam – Do you live in a house with a mummy and daddy? Or someone who looks after you like a mummy and daddy? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes, my mum doesn’t live here. Miriam – Do you live with other children? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes a few, because we like to make lots of noise. Verna – So you are not so good up there, just normal. Isobel (Channeling) – Just normal, yes. Geoff – Are there animals there too? Isobel (Channeling) – Oh yes, we have got a dog and his name is Tom, Tom the dog. Geoff – And birds? Isobel (Channeling) – The red robin. Miriam – Are all the birds tame and come to you? Isobel (Channeling) – Oh yes. They are not afraid. But we feed them with a little bread. Verna – Where did you live when you were on earth Adrian? Isobel (Channeling) – I think it was a little village, not by the sea, and in a little house, not many houses there, just a few. Geoff – Have you got a brother or sister there? Isobel (Channeling) – At the house? I have a sister. Older one. Verna – She must miss you. Isobel (Channeling) – I go and see her, and she doesn’t know. Verna – But in her heart I am sure she knows, deep down. Isobel (Channeling) – Do you think so? Verna – Because when you visit her, you make her feel nice and happy and content inside. Isobel (Channeling) – But I can’t play with her, and the toys, and her bike. Geoff – At least you can watch her play. Isobel (Channeling) – But I have other friends to play with too. Verna – But you are very happy where you are. Isobel (Channeling) – Oh yes, yes. But it was a shame that mummy and daddy were a lot sad. Geoff – Well, that is expected, but you will see them later on. Isobel (Channeling) – Yes that is what I was told. Verna – What is your favorite colour? Isobel (Channeling) – Blue for a boy. Verna – And you have got a blue shirt on haven’t you? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes, why do you see that and not other people? Verna – No, I am not more advanced, I just get taught different lessons you see. My spirit friends come and teach me to be able to see, your shirt and the curly hair, so that I can talk to you, like I did tonight, and help with, tell people that friends of there are here. Isobel (Channeling) – But why can’t you tell the mummies and daddies? Verna – Like your mummy and daddy? Isobel (Channeling) – Yes and all the other mummies and daddies. Verna – You see maybe they wouldn’t believe me, maybe they are not ready for me to tell them. Isobel (Channeling) – Yes but if you said to them that we came and visited them, then they would know. Verna – Yes that is true, and I wouldn’t mind trying if I knew where to find them. Isobel (Channeling) – Next time I will tell you where exactly. Verna – Okay, but what you must do is go to Harry or Mary and you ask them if Verna can go, if I am able to go, and if your mommy and daddy are ready for me to talk to them, because you see God knows when they are ready, and if they are not ready to learn then it could cause more harm than good. So if you go and talk to them and then I will do my very best to help you and them, that I promise you. Isobel (Channeling) – Oh that would be good, very good. Verna – Okay then first you must get permission from your teachers and your friends, your big friends up there. Isobel (Channeling) – I am sure they will give me permission. Verna – And then you must find out if they live close by and I can’t just think I am there like you can, I have to get in the car and drive there, and you find out everything, and I will see if between all of us here we can go and help them. Because we have got tapes don’t forget, we have got your voice on tapes, so why don’t you also prepare something that they would allow you to tell. Isobel (Channeling) – That only they would know. Verna – Yes that only they would know, wouldn’t that be marvelous. Isobel (Channeling) – That is a good idea. Verna – Oh I am so clever aren’t I? Between you and I, we could work a lot together. Isobel (Channeling) – We could do loads of things. Verna – Yes we could. Isobel (Channeling) – But what about all the other little boys and girls, it would be better if they could all do this, they would not be so sad when they arrive with us then, if they know that they can say hello to their daddy and mummy. Then it would be better. Verna – Adrian, I think they want you to go back now, am I right? And you don’t want to. I know, but they are saying that I must tell you because we are all getting on so well, but you must tuck your little blue shirt in now, and toddle off because Mary is standing on one leg and then another leg, and she wants to go, and I can see her standing on one leg and then another leg, and twiddling her thumbs and wondering when we are going to stop chatting, and she says if you come away now, she will chat to you about the conversation we were having. Isobel (Channeling) – I don’t want to go. Verna – Yes I know, but she is trying to get you to come. Geoff – Well you must come back next week and tell us what happened. Isobel (Channeling) – Yes I will come back with the things that the lady wants to know, and the things that my mummy and daddy only know. Verna – And we send you lots of love. Isobel (Channeling) – And us too, we do love you lots, we bless you. Geoff – That’s nice thank you. Verna – Don’t forget to look after Eric, he is waiting for you. Isobel (Channeling) – Yes he is waiting, bye-bye.

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