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A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 2)

March 30 2022 A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 2)

 In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff talks via “Instant understanding” – the Guides have a night off.

G: yes, everything is so out of balance. I mean it’s just, not just the wars, it’s the economy, the emotions, religion, it’s everything is out of balance.

S: Everything.

G: Ok let’s just think for a minute about the people in South Africa. We know they have all got their heads buried in the sand, all the people that, the ones who are not wealthy, who don’t have a lot of money, they’ve all got their heads in sand, waiting for things to happen. What are they sensing and what could you send them? They will obviously be sensing negativity.

S: yes

G: And we would send them positive. But how would we do that? You could just send them love and so on but only somewhere, this is what we have to learn is how to use the energy to the best of our ability. So how would you use the energy that you have available to us to change their way of thinking to be a positive? 

What sort of energy is hope? Is it positive or negative?

S: Positive. Because it’s hopeful?

G: It’s not positive

S: Not positive in a positive in a way.

G: yes.

S: It’s a stepping stone between the negative and the positive.  so it’s like a stepping stone between. Because it’s not exactly negative, you are not looking negatively, you are hopeful. So it’s a stepping stone. I have always not liked the word hope.

G: Yes, I agree.

S: I hope you ‘this’. It’s like what the fork is ‘hope’. So I have never liked the word. Hope you have a beautiful birthday. Hope this hope that, so I have always found it a stepping stone in between the two. So you transforming with hope, between the negative and the positive.

G: Ok let’s use an example of John, you hope he’s going to be a nicer person in future, we hope he’s going to treat you better, understand things more, etc.

S: No, it’s useless. It’s ..

G: No, we hope that will happen but we are pretty certain it’s not. What energy is that creating?

S: Hopeful… lol. 

G: lol. Of course, hang on a minute we are saying there are 3 energies. Positive, negative, balance. That’s what we have been learning in the weather. But on a human existence you’ve got a lot more energies, haven’t you?

S: Yes.

G: You know, greed, pride and

S: excitement, joy,

G: Yes, lots of different energies. So we can .. and hope is just one of those weird ones where you just don’t know where it fits. You know where you maybe just classify that as a separate energy.

S: Or a balancing energy. Because when you are negative and depressed, look at Hillary, negative depressed whatever. When we get her as hopeful, that is the transition towards positivity. I’ve actually got the guideline from Abraham Hicks calendar of all the emotions and where they sit as a barometer for us.

G: That would be interesting.

S: All the emotions and where they fit, all the way from the bottom all the way up. I stand corrected with the word hope. It’s a word I make sure never to use. Funny enough. Because, it’s like a weird one that. It sits in the in between the positive and negative. Because in the negative you are hopeful and in the positive, you can also use it. So it’s a bilingual energy.

G: yes,

S: or is it the transitioning energy? Or

G: okay, is hope and energy or an emotion? Love is an emotion and an energy.

S: Well everything is energy, because it’s emotion. If you think of an emotion, it’s energy. Everything is energy. Hope is what people hang onto sometimes. They make it meaningful, same as love. They make it mean so much. That’s where it goes,.. Okay so there’s all sorts of emotions, that is our frequency, for if we are in alignment with the universe or not. So all the negative ones mean you are out of alignment and you can’t create properly. The positive ones are when you are in alignment with the universe and you can create much easier. There’s energy created to each and every one of those emotions. But our emotions are our barometer for where we are at spiritually. So, there’s no right or wrong or anything. But each emotion is giving us a barometer reading of where we are at spiritually and it doesn’t always stay the same. Because energy is always moving. Your energy is always moving, your emotions are always changing, you are always going through things, so everything is always moving. But it’s your barometer of where you are spiritually.

G: And you can have several emotions working at once.

S: yes, so it can’t stay stable. But you can keep it at the highest vibration possible through meditation, visualisation, positive thoughts and creative thoughts, rather than the lower vibrations. So you can keep the vibration higher. So all feelings have vibrations.

G: Yes, it’s all very well saying keep your vibrations high, it’s like saying keep thinking positive. Hilary couldn’t do that.

S: No

G: So we understand it’s better to say that the higher the vibration the more positive you are, the happier you are. That’s your barometer.

S: Yes.

G: But you can’t change, well you can change. But if you are in a particular situation, like we are now, for example, we will have several emotions working and ours is pretty good and so on. But that’s where we are now. For us to change it, the emotions, the energies would change. And it would have to be something that we did to change that. So if somebody for instance, sent us a bit of energy, it could change the emotions that we have. Very easily.

I can see stuff but I can’t explain it at the moment.

S: You were doing well, keep going.  Yeah, if you – you see what you focus on you create. So the more you focus on being in … it goes back to meditation, because the more you focus on it being a part of the universe, and being open to the energy, it’s so hard to get it across.

G: It is.

S: you are more in touch with you. Who you are. Who is power, creativity, money, control, everything. You are just everything. You are full force. Everything. The more often you keep tapping into that, and that awareness…

G: I am seeing at the moment, the Centre is being balanced, that’s perfect. And you’ve got a big circle of energy, all the different energies that we have been discussing, going way out around you, from around this point of being on balance. So what we should be able to do in an ideal situation, is to be, to get out of balance, is to draw in the energy to correct the balance. Maybe there is a way of doing that. Maybe it’s another sense that we haven’t used. Or… I mean some societies don’t have emotions for example. And I remember visiting one once, not that it worked, but they didn’t have emotions, so. What would keep all these, what would keep the balance ? Not easy tonight. I think what we should do is call it a day for tonight and tomorrow or next time we meditate we will have more information on how this whole thing works because I’m sure there’s another emotion or another energy, that we don’t know about yet, to maybe keep all this together.

Because I ”m seeing this picture of balance and everything around it but it doesn’t seem to fit together yet.

We got lots of bits and pieces tonight but nobody has come and told us anything. So let’s let that sink in and then tomorrow we know what we are going to talk about.

S: Wow, but we got hot. All the energy. I so was not here.

G: You know what I think it is, is we’ve had all these energies coming into us recently. And I think it’s a lot of adjusting, we are getting used to all these energies before we are able to see them.

S: Yes, we will just go there. I so wasn’t here. At all.

G: Yes, quite right, I was listening to you for the first half…’s great…. Getting stuff.

S: I don’t even remember what I said.

G: you get bits and pockets or energies and emotions. But that makes a lot of sense. We’ve got all this new energy, this new stuff we are going to work with. But we haven’t sort of understood it as yet. That’s what we need, clarity. To understand how we are going to use it. And so on.

I mean the questions they were asking about positive and negative and so on. We were trying to think logically how we would answer. Instead of letting it come to us.

S: It’s like let this be the start of this, because this is the base of all humanity. All our emotions. Our thoughts and our feelings. Is the basis of humanity, which is what we have to heal? So this is just them laughing at us, seeing what we can sort out and faffing. And then they are going to come at it.

G: I think that’s exactly right.

S: Because this is what they did before. Let them sort out what they can sort out and then they come down and they put it straight. And they, you can see then, which is exactly the way it should be done. You can see what you got right and what you got wrong. Not right n wrong, but where you were at. And then you get the clear flow.

G: yes, and remember we were talking the other day when  I used to start to channel and I used to sweat buckets and so on . Then you get used to it. Just now both of us were really hot. How do you feel now?

S: fine.

G: And that’s energy we haven’t used yet. I’m sure that’s what it is, you are spot on.

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