Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – Welcome. Verna (Guide) – And welcome to the newcomer. I would like you to take your minds to the base of your body, and take a white light and gently bring it up through the solar plexus, the heart area, the throat, and into the crown. And then I would like you to take your eyes, and look above your head, for the crown is your peace center. And all your thoughts should just be of absolute and tranquility and your bodies should be totally relaxed, for that is what meditation is all about. I would like you to imagine the lake, you all have your lakes (this is a peace center where we teach the newcomers to go to start their meditation) it is just mainly for the newcomer, if you would imagine a lake, a very peaceful silver lake. And as you walk along the stony, pebbled sand there is a little beach, which you come across. I want you to sit on this beach in a very relaxed way, and there are waves coming as they would from the ocean. I want you to see a wave coming and think of it as a worry that you have, not a particular worry, but this wave is a worry, and watch this worry as it rolls towards you, and trickles into nothing but a little trickle at your feet. And then you see another wave and that is emotion, and watch this wave of emotion coming towards you, and as it breaks down and trickles towards you, in such a beautiful manner, it disappears into a mere little trickle and touches your toes. And then there are waves of fear, and you feel this wave come towards to you and once again the sun is shining on the white of the wave, as it breaks, and it trickles towards you and slowly disappears. And it washes back into the sea, and the flow of life is like this, all these things come up and they come towards you and when you think back they trickle into nothing and they disappear. And now for peace, you are sitting comfortably and you are watching these waves and the rays from the sun are shining and making all sorts of colours on the surface of the water. I want you to hear the sound of the breakers, they are gentle and I want you to watch them come and wash over your feet, this will give you energy and peace. And as you sit there your guides will join you, and I will return in a short while, as you enjoy the peace and the tranquility of the movement of this beautiful lake, which pours forth nothing but love, peace and tranquility, as the breakers I have spoken about simply wash back, they do not leave their mark on you as far as troubles are concerned. I would like you to draw peace from this water, I will return shortly. (Students are then left for 20-30 minutes on their own) I would like you now to give blessing to this water, for it has given you healing and inner peace and as you stand up and step back, you will notice that your feet are not wet, and as you turn around and walk to a grassy patch you will see your oak tree, I would like you to go and embrace this tree and then sit with your back against this tree, and you will feel the vibration, and the energy from this tree, and the light. As you sit with your back to this tree, you look up and you will see the rainbow, you know I always bring in the rainbow, our spiritual colours and I would like you to bring those colours into your body through your eyes. Now I know this meditation has been a bit different but the channel (Verna)and I had a little meeting before the meditation, and so I wanted to explain to the new visitor what wonderful things you could do in silence to find your inner self, and heal yourself of anything you so wish to do. Take yourself back to your lake and as you sit there very quietly, in your own time you may come out of meditation. And for the love of God, and for the correct reasons, you are not selfish in wanting to see and meet with your inner self, you are not selfish to ask for things for your immediate family or for yourself. As long as you remember to give some energy and power which you build up in meditation for others in need. You always have friends with you, you always have a guide and a door keeper, and as long as you meditate in the light of God and the light of love, and fill your body with light and love and laughter to heighten your vibrations, you all go well, and you will learn fast.

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