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Geoff – Now we have something much bigger, there is black iron railings on the outside, it is also on a corner, it is in a nice area and the house is quite large, a smallish garden with a large house, six or eight bedrooms, that big. It is covered in ivy, obviously a wealthy house, well let me see first, it has a brass plate on the front, and it is not a private house, a form of home. I seem to be a rich orphan. Miriam (Ishmael) – Remember you can be past, present and future. Geoff – Hmm, this is quite old, because I can see my parents, who are slim, elegant and very well off. But I am in this home, maybe more like a boarding school. Let me go inside and see, first of all the house has a gravel path, there are wrought iron gates that are closed at night, on the lawn I can see a woman in a bustle, a bluish uniform, the dress goes right down to her ankles, very prim and proper, she seems to be one of the people there, one of the nurses or matrons or whatever. A big garage on the right, that should hold about three cars I should think, I go down the side and got to the back of the house, where there are some stone tables and chairs, and it is around the turn of the century. At the back of this place there are some pine trees, green grounds, a sloping hill going down to the sea quite a way away. It has a view of the sea, which is three quarters of a mile away maybe, very pleasant area. It is somewhere in the English South Coast. I’ve gone to the back door and there was a very large kitchen, and it obviously serves a lot of meals to a lot of people, a lot of guests. It is very sort of strict and clean, there is a large table there, an old fashioned stove, a sort of very overweight cook, female, but very smartly dressed as a servant would be, a walk-in pantry on the left and I go through the main door and it is a passage way leading directly to the front doors which are double doors, on the left is a closed in staircase going up to the dormitories upstairs. I go into the room on the left first, which is very well laid out, a very smart lounge, that can seat maybe thirty or forty people and this is where the children meet their parents on visiting days. Sounds like a prison, but it is not a prison, it is like a boarding school. Miriam (Ishmael) – A boarding school it is, but very high class. Geoff – Yeah, on the right hand side is a very big room, the walls are full of shelves and books and so on, blackboard, desks, and this is where all the teaching is done. I go up the stairs, and at the top, which is now at the back of the house there is a passageway going right and left and on the right are three very big rooms and on the left three very big rooms, full of bunk beds, and this is the dormitory. Now I start by walking down the passage to the left and when I get to the end on my left is a door which is the first room, and as I walk in there are just beds everywhere, and cupboards and so on. These three rooms are all connected and as I walk into the next one, there is no one there and third one no one there either. So now I go down to the right, the first room I come across, and that is the one where I stayed. I was in the corner, the far right hand corner, in the front of the house. And I am sitting on a bed dressed in gray and black shoes, gray socks, gray trousers, a gray pullover, sort of single sleeveless pullover and gray shirt. Seems to be the school colors, and I am probably eight to ten years old. Miriam (Ishmael) – You are nine. Geoff – Okay, I am going to sit where this boy is sitting and see if I can feel what he is feeling, or sense it. Miriam (Ishmael) – Perhaps you will be able to tell who your parents are. Geoff – My mother was Verna, but my father….. now there is a surprise, it is Uncle George. (In this current life) Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, that is a surprise, and I think he would be greatly shocked if you were to tell him that now, he is not ready to accept any of this. Geoff – Wow (laughs) no, too true. Well, okay let’s find out what I am doing there, they assumed it would be best for me all round, children in those days were not treated the same way they are now. They should be seen and not heard, and those that could afford it would put their children into private boarding schools so they could be brought up the right way and not really be a nuisance to the family. Miriam (Ishmael) – They must not interrupt the social life. Geoff – Yes that is a very good way of putting it, just getting back to yesterday what we did in meditation, the fathers relationship with the son and wife and daughter, and that sort of thing, I can feel a great love from Verna, very proud more than anything, because it was the way of life in those days, that is all there was to it, but from a father there was no displays of emotion, it was maybe a handshake the correct way when we met, and discipline and so on. Right, let’s see if I can see, my father is wearing a three-piece suit with tails, and Verna is wearing a long green dress, down to the ankles, very slim, pale green and a hat with a very big brim, floppy, and it looks like pearls, and something on her left wrist. He was a banker. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes he is, a very rich banker. Geoff – Very. Miriam (Ishmael) – What a pity that you could not bring the money from then to now. But it would not do. Geoff – Now Verna had the same feeling then as she has now, the money is not important. And that is why they were well suited, she is still in that life a “people person” and enjoyed the social life and people. They had no concerns about money or business or whatever, she let him get on with it, it was a man’s world and she was not expected to interfere. She enjoyed her social life tremendously and was very well liked and respected wherever she went. A very popular figure, he was very dour and humorless in a way. Miriam (Ishmael) – Very overbearing wasn’t he? Geoff – Yes overbearing is a good word. He had his status and position to look after. Miriam (Ishmael) – And I should think you were a little in awe of him. Geoff – Yes definitely. Now I think we must progress a little in that life, if we can go forward. There was nothing spiritual in it. Just a very basic grounding for learning about life. Miriam (Ishmael) – A taste of luxury, but then not the home that you would have wished. Geoff – That’s right, I can see me at the age of thirty five getting involved, or in a respected position in the business. Miriam (Ishmael) – But not banking. Geoff – I am at the moment in front of a very big house, with broad steps, it might not be a house, but a building, a tree to the left and two or three eligible ladies who I am flirting with, at least I enjoyed that part of the life. Miriam (Ishmael) – Oh yes very much so.

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