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A soft rescue (Dopey) BY

In this meditation Geoff rescues a miss-guided soul, helped by Sharon (S)
(Geoff) I have a happy spirit. He has a very hangdog expression. As if he has been kicked around, ignored. Its’ very strange for a spirit to be like this. He hasn’t crossed over completely. So, he is in the Greylands. So, he went to the Greylands, because of a lot of the evil things that he did. And he wouldn’t cross over completely. He knew exactly what was in the Greylands, because he was quite advanced. He wanted to sort of suffer for his sins. So, he learnt to live in the Greylands. All the nasty things up there are just thought, so that is not serious. But what he is able to do, is look down and see all of the ongoing problems and so on, without having advice from higher spirit, like we have just had. So, he did a lot of pretty bad things. And he decided that the best way he could learn, was to cut himself off and suffer and learn. And when he believes that he is ready, then he will cross over. It’s almost like a soft rescue in a way. I have moved towards him and said “it’s all very well for you to do that, and it’s very admirable but did you want to do that?”. “If you really want to help people, cross over, learn from your mistakes much faster and then you can help so many more people.” And he is thinking about that, his face is like Dopey of the 7 Dwarfs. He is very small and hiding away. He is now saying “why he didn’t think of that?”
(Dopey takes over) “How can I be that stupid?”
S: No, it’s not stupidity, it’s a choice. We make choices, we make wrong choices (mistakes) and that is how we learn and grow. And then you can say “interesting choice I made how can I choose differently now?”. It’s all a lesson, everything is lessons. There is no wrong, it is all learning. There are no wrong choices. There is only progression and learning. Evolving, growing.
“You are so right, I can see now where the mistake was made. I cut myself off from everybody! Thinking I have got to do this on my own. I’ve got to do the macho thing. And I wouldn’t take any advice from anybody. So, I haven’t spoken to anybody.
S: and that’s ok. Look what you have learnt.
“I just don’t know what to say.”
S: People live here on Earth like that too. They cut people off and do everything themselves. And we are all connected. There is no wrongness in it, but we have to learn from it. And when you realise and you step out of that, I mean how expansive do you feel now?
“You have no idea. No idea”.
S: And lighter. And bigger.
“And it’s been so long, thinking I was doing the right thing.”
S: And that’s ok. There is no time.
“Ah, I can – there is just no ways I can thank you for this. It’s freedom, it’s understanding a clear picture. I’ve been spending years, decades, trying to do what I believed was the right thing.
S: And that is ok. There is no wrongness in it. It’s just learning from it. And you will probably help other people through this, or to see this.
“I can see it so clearly right now.”
S: And you can help so many MORE people.
“And it was your last lesson about clarity, what I suddenly got was clarity. And you can’t believe how anybody can be as stupid as this, for so long. And not see such a simple solution, right in front of their eyes”
S: no stupidity whatsoever. Just awareness. Learning, growing, evolving, expanding.
“And all the things I have been missing, thinking I was doing the right thing. Ah, I just can’t thank you enough, this is absolutely staggering.
S: you just made my day.
“Well, you certainly made my day, you just made my life. This is just amazing. And I can see so many people”
S: and the love.
“They are all tuning in and yes, they all so happy and I’m quite accepted. (big breath).”
S: And feel that energy, love, light, expansion.
“Yes, (big sigh) just don’t say any more, I am outta here”. (Big laugh) this is just unbelievable. Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much”
S: Please come back and talk to us.
“I will, I will come back and tell you exactly what I have done and I will help you as much as I can. And if I can help you as much as you have helped me today, it’s going to be … Just thank you so much”.

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