Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation John is being channeled through Miriam. Geoff – Now I have a group of black tribesmen in the middle of the wood, I don’t know where they are from, they are very black and very primitive and they are searching for someone. There is a white child in a hole looking out, not quite a huge tree trunk but something similar, and this is what these Africans, I will call them, are looking for. It is a bit confusing because it seems more like an English wood, than an African one. Miriam (John) – It is Brazilian. Geoff – Oh, the child is dressed in pink pyjamas. One has found the child and picked her up, and is taking this little girl, taking her back to the village. I will just say what I see, and you will have to correct me, the child was abandoned, and the villagers found this child through a form of meditation, and the medium of this child sent the men out in search of her. I think there is more to it. Miriam (John) – There is. Geoff – I will go to find the medium of this village. And I am in a very primitive hut, and this medium, which is a man, is waiting for the child, which is on its way back. In the center of the hut there is a raised platform, with room to put the child on top, the child will not be harmed, it will be seen by the tribe as a symbol of great strength and luck for the tribe, and a big boost for the medium or witch doctor that first told of this child. They will bring it in and the witchdoctor will look after it for the first fifteen minutes or so, some period, and he will put some sort of protection around the child, or it will be seen as protection by the tribe’s people. What he is actually doing is linking his aura with the child’s, getting rid of all fear in the child, making a very close bond with the child so that it will have no fear, it will be quite content, it will remain with one of the sons of the witch doctor, a very powerful figure, as the child grows, it will learn all there is to know from the witchdoctor, and will change it slightly as it has more knowledge, which it brought down to earth when it incarnated. Miriam (John) – That is what I wanted you to say. Geoff – So over the years as it grows, the tribe’s people will get taught a better form of way of life or religion, and the old or no so healthy tribal customs and ways will be dispensed with. Miriam (John) – That’s it, that was wonderful, absolutely wonderful to pick that up. Geoff – For me too, brilliant. Miriam (John) – We have others looking down here, and they are so pleased with your progress, so very pleased. They didn’t think that you would have got that from the medium, but you did. And there again there is so much power coming from your father to help you. Geoff – Yes, indeed. Now I think we can leave that one and go onto the next.

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