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ADVANCED SENSING AND CREATING  By SpiritualDictionary.com Each meditation is getting more and more exciting. In this one I am being taken in Astral to experience various forms of energy and sensing. A visitor guide is channeling to me through Miriam. January 1998. Geoff:     Let me try and describe it……. it’s a load of blades, if you can imagine something that digs its way into the earth. A revolving blade, and there is a whole row of them, this piece of machinery is coming out of the ground as if it has been tunneling through the ground and now it is coming out again. Alright, it has come out, so I will go in to see what is in there……. there is a lot of earth, and it is very dead. There is very little vibration in there…… I have found a gap which I will go down, now I am going deeper and I come to an area, which again is another one of these entrances to a different world. I think they are showing me all these different types of entrances because they are so weird and wonderful, that I must not hesitate when I see them in the future. Miriam (Guide) That is right, there are so many different places, you are only touching on the fringe. Geoff:     And one thing I understand is what looks scary to us will not look scary to other people, for instance to a mole this sort of thing is quite normal, so to us it looks scary being under the ground, so when I am shown all these different weird and wonderful things they are not supposed to be scary they are simply supposed to be something. That is another part of the lesson……. so I go into this next one, and I am in a field and there is a tree, but the way I am viewing things is totally different. I seem to be seeing it through the eyes of an insect, instead of it being ordinary 3D, it is as if I am looking through a dozen different windows at the same time, to see the whole picture but they all interlinked – they are just showing me different magnifications, so in some of the windows I can see vast distances and others are quite ordinary. Miriam (Guide) Yes, but not just distances Geoff:     Right – well I will concentrate on the first one. Now I am probably 500 feet in the air, and I am looking down at some trees and a field, one of the trees through one of the window panes I can see very close up, I can see the bark and the insects on the bark and so on, it is that magnified. To the top I sense distance, so I can see how far I have got to go. I sense that while I am looking through these other windows and on the left hand side I am seeing things in color, I am seeing energies and auras and so on. Okay let me fly downwards and see what more happens. I just seem to be flying at the moment, I am flying towards cliffs and mountains, turn left I am flying down a valley, through some various sort of man-made buildings, very strange…… I see glass windows on the right we are flying through, doors, again all very strange so I will see if I can control it more. Miriam (Guide) That is what they want you to do Geoff:     Oh right. Okay so I will come back up again and I will look down on trees and so on. Now to control more I have suddenly taken on huge legs like a daddy-long-legs but immense, but they seem to be not so much physical legs but legs created with thought. So things are much more stable…….. I can also sense with these legs!!!!! Miriam (Guide) But they are “thought” and there is a reason for them Geoff:     I seem to be a giant insect, okay. I can sense with them and as I touch, I feel everything beneath the ground, right down to the rock, I get an instant understanding of what is there, so now if I expand this a little bit more, instead of having these very thin legs I will just have a cloud of energy and as it goes down I can feel and understand all the terrain that I am on, on the surface and below down to hard rock. I can feel life now….. it is changing yet again, I am now a huge ball of energy and just going through everything. The energy is all connected but the energy goes through rock and through vegetation……. through anything and as I drift through it I get an understanding of what it is, a feeling. I can sense the different depths and temperatures and life and other energies and so on. Miriam (Guide) And isn’t that a wonderful feeling? Geoff:     Yes. And I am doing it all at once. So I am traveling where I could never normally travel, I am still several stories high and this ball of energy can be any size. Now I am expanding, I am sending the same energy outwards so I am covering a few square miles and bigger still. So you can change the energy so quickly to absorb information in a specific area. Okay I am up in mountains at the moment, what I will do is go downwards and do this very quickly, down into a valley and I want to find a town. And I can put this energy all over this town and I have found one….. and I have done that and immediately I can feel like beneath my feet is buzzing with people. And their energies are tiny compared to what I am. I can’t at this stage sense what the people are feeling, they obviously can’t feel anything from me, but I think I can use certain energies on them, very light energies not to make any major changes, but to for instance make the mood a little bit lighter. To make a group feel a little bit better over a certain area. Miriam (Guide) Yes, you learn exactly where and what energy to use for them Geoff:     Now this is very much an individual task, it is like a lesson if I were going through life somewhere else, I would take on this shape and I would work with everything combined. People, spirit, the whole works combined, I would then be able to look after or assist thousands of people in one go with different energies. Miriam (Guide) Of course you would, very good Geoff:     Now I am being lifted out of there, I am leaving it behind, and it just sort of disappears and I am going upwards. Where to next? Now I am on the ground and in front of me is a heavy mist, my mind tells that it is mist and will be cold and damp and so on. And I go inside it and this is crossing through another type of entrance. As I come out the other side I can just see miles and miles of mountain ranges as far as I can see. But I cannot sense any energy here. Miriam (Guide)  There are so many different energies Geoff:     It is a mountain range covered in cold mist, there is no energy, there is no energy that I am used to yet, I can see water running down below so I will go down and just put my hands in the running water, and as I do that the water turns black, and they are showing me that because the energy in the water is dead as well…….. that is how I see it. When you come across something like this, the way you “think” changes the environment. It changes everything around it, as it started to go black everything around it started to change as well. Which means I should be able to change it back again just with thought, and that can be done very quickly. So now I suddenly change it to a healthy forest with grass and air that you can breathe, and flowers and birds and insects and so on. So at a higher level your mind controls, if I am working on this earth with more experience I should be able to change different things using my mind, and I just thought that when you are in spirit you do this automatically don’t you? Miriam (Guide) Yes, you do Geoff:     Okay, so I would simply have to learn how to do it, how to change things when the change comes (The change of the earth on its axis…..)also part of the work we will be doing is changing areas ….. besides teaching people. We will have to change areas to the ways we should see them developed, the way we think they should be developed. So we simply get as much information as we can from spirit, and then put that into practice, it is just a matter of using your mind. Miriam (Guide) Like gathering all your tools together before you start Geoff:     Yes. It is very good, I can change something from very bad to very good. Excellent – wish I could do that at the moment. Right lets go off again. Yet another entrance shown to me on a totally different way – a circle on the side of a tree, I will go inside and downwards and now I come to a very rocky area, huge mountains, huge lake in the middle and the lake is where I am going. Go down to the lake and the lake has another type of energy, and this is a beautiful energy, it is very strong, it is a blue to silver crystalish color energy, very hard to describe. Miriam (Guide) I think you will find that it has a special purpose Geoff:     Yes Miriam (Guide) Well they all have a special purpose, but that is special special Geoff:     It is very strong, it is very powerful, and it is moving, let me just go down into it more – and inside it is light, it is not as if I am water…… very strong energy. All around there are different colors and sort of doors or portals opening, different energies coming through, very, very active. Very strong, vibrant and alive and this is another form of life energy. Miriam (Guide) It is – completely different Geoff:     Right. Now this is for creating and changing but on a much higher level than I have certainly seen, not something that I will be doing in the near future.

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