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This meditation follows on from 184. I am astral traveling with a guide called Ishmael who is channeling to the group through Miriam. Geoff:     I can see – I get an image not of a person but of a being. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, I was just going to say you would be surprised. Geoff:     He shows himself as“strength”.  He is several hundred feet tall and thin but in image form.  Let’s say he is a cloud several hundred feet high and that cloud contains energy.  I’m going to go inside and move to the top of this cloud which represents his life – the bottom was when he started to learn and he grew upwards all the time – more and more experiences one on top of another until he thought he was way other others.   That’s three quarters of the way up.  He has, at this stage, experienced linking himself to earth fire, water, air and a lot of astral traveling.  He feels that he is almost a God with his experience.  He has learnt humility only as far as his training as a novice monk went but because of his rapid advancement he was looked up to by students and teachers and never had experienced more humility. His ego became far too big.  He thought he could control the surrounding area because he could connect himself to earth and fire etc. His faith grew and grew as his experiences grew till eventually he thought he was better than the rest.  He then tried to use the energy, which he tapped in to, to do what he thought was the right thing.  He overrode the advice he got from spirit and from those more advanced than him and because he thought he was right he put a lot of the energy into the wrong use and upset a lot of karma and development in that region. Miriam (Ishmael)     He did.  He upset quite a lot. Geoff:     As you will learn karma in this life so much higher and more developed spirits also have to learn and they also have karma to go through.  It is just the same thing on different levels – this is an exceptionally high level.  Now, this was three quarters of the way up.  I’ll move to the top of this spirit – and I can see now he is standing with his arms spread and he is seeing the universe around him. – He is seeing the universe around him and it is quite a difference from what he has experienced overlooking this lower Tibet.  He wishes to develop up into this stage of overseeing the worlds and universes and so on and quickly tries to finish his lessons in Southern Tibet by using the energy and correcting everything that is wrong.  By doing this he upset all the karma and everything is interlocking from the karma of the people to the land, to the country, to the surrounding atmosphere, to the continent, is all interlocking and that was what he did.  He moved all that.  I’m just going back upstairs – up to the top.  On his death which is a long time before – because of his experiences of traveling in astral and life after death, etc., upon his death he still continued with this ego trip.  He didn’t sit back and see what he had done and get his mistakes corrected by those more experienced.  He just continued straight in to death and carried on doing exactly the same thing and this is, of course, where he was able to manipulate the power far more and only once he had reached such a stage that he could say – once he admitted that it was out of control and he looked for a teacher to help him.  When he decided that there may be somebody better than him only then was he shown that there were and received help and that’s when he changed.  He now has to overlook this area and correct what has happened in the past and he will be overseeing this area for approximately 700 years to get it back to the state that it was in.  And that’s what he sees at the moment. Miriam (Ishmael)     It may seem a long time to you but time will pass very quickly for him because he will pass so much of his energy into the right direction. Geoff:     Yes, if you know the direction you can go there.

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