Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation I am astral traveling with a guide called John to an African funeral in South Africa. John is channeling through Miriam to the group. There is also an African guide called Patrick whom I have spoken with many times. (1990) Geoff –     I had somebody – I still have them here.  I thought they were going to channel through me at first but they want to show me a scene which is in Johannesburg and I can see a long road at the moment.  I’m sort of looking down a hill – it’s a small slope and a long road behind it.  It’s a suburb of Johannesburg and there are a lot of black marchers in the road about almost a mile away coming towards me.  What’s happening just in front of me is, there’s a group of Africans who seem to be pushing a cart up this hill.  There is a lot of brass on it, maybe a brass coffin.  Yes, it’s a coffin – very ornate and it’s a – it’s a very important person .  What’s happened is that there’s a group pushing it and the whole thing has tilted to one side and it’s collapsed in the road and there’s this huge convoy coming up behind and it’s going to be a very important incident.  The person who’s behind me is Patrick who is an African who we communicated with before and he looks after several groups in Durban townships.  I’m just asking him to show me more about this incident and what I must do. The people pushing this coffin are very good people and they are all good spiritual souls.  I think what’s going to happen is that they are all going to get killed by the mob behind.  I wanted to find out more so I went into the group pushing this coffin and I can see inside and they’re good strong, loyal people.  They’re not ANC and they’re spiritually trying to bring peace to the fighting groups.  I started to go into the crowd of Africans and felt immediately they are very hostile, primitive, lessons to learn and group anger and it’s the group anger that is the most difficult for them to control at the moment. There are very few leaders and the group as a whole is very easily swayed.  They like to just go with the flow just to be part of the group and if the people leading the group try and lead them astray they will mainly follow because they are on that lower level.  Its part of what they must learn.  When they come across this coffin there will already have been a certain amount of anger built up and they will kill the 8 or 10 people who are pushing this carriage and coffin.  It will create more anger; more hatred and it will create many, many more deaths as the two sides continue to fight each other as they have done throughout history.  It is something they as a nation have to live with and learn as a group more before they learn individually.  All we can do is send out love and energy to this group to make their passing as quick and as painless as possible.  It is the outcome of this which will help shape the future of Africa and the black African nations.  It’s a bit like as a child grows and learns lessons and becomes a responsible adult so does a group, a colony or a nation have to go through the same lessons until there are parameters and precedents established, then there is no yardstick to measure their growth and success by so that is why incidents like this must happen because it will become part of history and a part of the group’s or the nation’s or tribe’s history whether it be remembered for good or bad – and therefore helps their growth. There is a lot of spirit at this site and we are actually doing the same thing.  What we are doing is  – this event will happen in the future – and we are at the moment giving out our energy and love to this event that will happen in the future and the energy is being transferred to a different dimension as you were talking earlier with Brighton.  The same sort of thing – the energy is being put around the group at a future date and when this event will happen the energy will automatically be there to help them pass over without pain and suffering but with full understanding of the outcome of the event which is the outcome of their karma which, as you know, they chose. Patrick is the name of the person who has been showing me this and talking and when I go back to Africa he would like to make communication with you, Mom…. Miriam –    That’s good. Geoff –     ….to show you the follow up of what is happening. Miriam –    That would be wonderful. Geoff –     He pats Dad on the shoulder and says he knows – Patrick knows – meaning that he knows he can’t talk through Dad but that the message is obviously for you two to share but being Mom who can channel. We still haven’t left that particular scene.  I’m just trying to see if there’s more to it. Miriam (John)     I think there is if you were to concentrate.  This is John speaking. Geoff –     Oh, Welcome John. I’ve seen the rows of SAP (South African Police) and I’ve seen the mob push through the SAP who seem to part very easily.  It seems to be that there is – I’ll call them an evil group who associates with the SAP and they are instigating this event that will happen.  They are manipulating this large group of Africans which is ANC to murder, and to murder the group with the coffin.  It is being done as a means to an end.  I called them evil just now because of what they are doing but it’s not evil intentions.  What they are doing is trying to bring to a head the differences between these two major warring tribes.  They believe that if they can bring it to a head it will erupt and the hatred and vengeance will be brought out into the open, followed by a lot of deaths, atrocities and so on which will be very swift and very severe and only after that, once they have seen the error of their ways, the results of their actions, will both sides decide to take a more in depth look at the situation and think that perhaps anger and war and fighting is not the way to go to create a new group – a new Africa. There are many lessons being learnt by a variety of different people in this particular SAP group.  Those at the bottom of the ladder do not understand the tactics and the thinking of those who are planning this operation and they will learn entirely different lessons believing quite wrongly that the SAP simply want the black parties to fight each other to reduce the population as such.  Those at higher levels will understand little of the overall strategy and see it in a totally different light.  Those right at the top and are advanced, and just below the top level will see a picture whereby there is killing for a reason.  There will be a lot of killing which will produce peace later on.  Those right at the top and we must think of this as a spiritual level.  Supposing we were in this position we would know that it was –  or we would be led to believe that it was prudent to cause the conflict to erupt to save future lives and to bring peace quicker but could we as spiritualists condone a group murder even though it were for a good reason.   This is another type of lesson which others are going through so there are many lessons due to be learnt at once.  So the one event will create many lessons all different for many people. Miriam (John)     And how do you think you can help this group here now and the other groups that are with you at the moment. Geoff –     The main thing is that the people will have different opinions to what is going on.  It must be brought out into the open so that there is one common truth – there is one truth which the majority must understand and believe.  Should this not be done then there will be a variety of different stories as to how, why, when, wherefore, etc., which will leave the people in a similar state of confusion as when they started.  We must direct energy to a central point above this group….. Miriam (John)     Yes. Geoff –     ……that is collected and stored there for a long time – stored in the future so that when this event takes place the energy is then directed into every person there – this is directly after the event – the energy is directed into every person there so that they end up with the same truth. Miriam (John)     Yes, yes, now you have it. Geoff –     Very clever. Miriam (John)     Very clever. Geoff –     It makes a lot of sense. Geoff –     There will be many that will be condemned after this event.  They will, in fact, be heroes but they will be condemned for instigating murder and war and they know this – again it is part of their karma and they will take the consequences but knowing that they have helped the situation and benefited all or most of the people that were there, and they are willing to take this punishment but they know inside it shouldn’t actually be a punishment for that reason.

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