Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

After helping my Soulmate cross over By Geoff Hindmarch

Verna white
After – helping my Soulmate cross over I wrote the first part to help others in a similar position – now here is the rest of this story. Verna, my daughter Sharon and myself have been mediums for many years. We knew we would end up teaching when the time was right, but never expected it to be with one of us helping from the other side. Let’s go back to when Verna was close to the end in Hospital.  Sharon and I were called by the Hospital to come and say our good-byes. We knew where Verna was going, and certainly OK with that, but just hard to say that last farewell.  We did, we left and we cried. The next morning the call from the hospital never came, nor the next day. Then we started hearing from Verna’s friends that she had visited them. Not just 1 or 2 but just about all of them. Then Verna contacted us – she was like an excited puppy. She told us how she was visiting everyone and leaving a “Green energy barrier” between them and herself that would minimise the feeling of loss – quite amazing. Then she told us of some of the amazing things that she could do over there -and afterwards showed us what she could do over here too. The next morning the Hospital phoned to say Verna had a good breakfast and was chatting to the other patients….. a few days later we were asked to come in and say our goodbyes again.  We did, and this time she could not talk, but she just smiled and we all connected. That night she crossed over. There was no need for more tears. Verna was so happy, and although we miss her every day, it is more than OK. A few days after she crossed she came to visit us in meditation, then she channelled, then she started to visit every day, bringing Guides, helpers and children and teaching us how this World is going to change and what we must do to help it. In just 3 months we have learnt more than you could possibly imagine. I wish everyone could experience what we have learnt, but I know you have to experience it to be able to believe it. We will certainly do our best to show you.

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