Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a guide called John is channeling through Miriam, and John talks Geoff and Verna through the practice of removing poison sacks from a snake. Miriam (John) – You will not believe what is coming. Geoff – After what we just experienced, nothing will surprise me. Verna – That’s true. I have a big butterfly. Geoff – And I have an ostrich. Miriam (John) – That is not the main thing that is coming. You cannot see yet? Geoff – I cannot see anything. Verna – I have an old Indian paddle boat but I can’t see anyone or anything around it. Miriam (John) – They have brought you a huge snake. Maybe that is why you can’t see it yet. Verna – I have got a goat, good grief, I have a farmyard here. Miriam (John) – But the snake they wish you to try and remove the poison sacks. Verna – Why? Miriam (John) – Because it is a tribal symbol, but it will be better and less likely to harm if the poison sack is removed, it is large but it is not yet very old and it means that you will have to keep the mouth open, and protection will be given to you for your hands, and you must, well I will not tell you how you will keep the mouth open, I think you will know. Verna – Go for it Geoff. Geoff – To withdraw the poison is not too difficult, and to remove the sacks afterwards, but if you just put a thumb and forefinger on each of the fangs. Miriam (John) – But how are you going to keep the mouth open first? Geoff – With my hands. Miriam (John) – No, no there is a better way, with a stick, jam the stick between its teeth or the roof or bottom of its mouth, the one must hold it while you do that, and although you will not get the poison out of its body, because it manufactures it at least if the sack at the top is not there, then it will take longer to eject. And therefore it will be much safer. Verna – I feel wrong about this, it is not the snake’s fault that the tribe has taken it, and why should the snake not be able to protect itself, the tribe knows that it is poisonous, they should treat it with such respect. I don’t feel right about doing this, I am finding it hard to do. Geoff – And also how is the snake going to eat, it kills its prey with poison? Miriam (John) – But it is used in ritual and looked upon as sacred. But we would like to protect those who are not so quick, and that is why it has been brought, because it is a symbol of fear for many people, a snake. Geoff – Is this an Indian cobra? Miriam (John) – It is not quite an Indian cobra because it is white, which is why it is looked upon as sacred, I think you would call it an albino type. Geoff – Yes, I can see it now, it is a matter of just removing the poison on a temporary basis, so that for this ritual or festival that does not last too long, it does not harm people. Miriam (John) – That is it. Geoff – It will not harm people, they will then let it go into the wild. Verna – Also the snake will bite a child, am I right? Miriam (John) – Yes, they will keep them out of the way as much as possible, but it will not be so harmful, they do have to learn to avoid these accidents, but if we can help in this little way, because it is going to be around for a long time. Geoff – All right, the stick in the mouth is neither here nor there, bend the fangs forward and with the thumbs rub the sacks above the eyes, forward towards the eyes, and it will bleed out all the poison very quickly. The poison sack which is inside can then be compressed or shrunk as a stomach shrinks when you don’t eat, and it will take two to three weeks to expand again and start to fill with poison. Miriam (John) – But in the meantime, if you can sever the end so that it is not quite so long as it was, it will not do any harm to the snake, but it will not be able to be so dangerous as normal. It is a very strange thing to do, but we have brought it as I say for it was needed at the moment for these people, and to show you that you can, however reluctantly, do something which is not quite so nice. Geoff – All right, well if you say it is ok then we will do it, which is quite simple. Miriam (John) – Once you know the reason why it was brought. Geoff – Yes. All right that is done, and with no pain to the snake.  

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