Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – There is somebody who is standing behind me and wants to talk to me direct I think. I will let him get right in and see what I feel. Miriam (Channeling) – What do you see young man? Geoff – Something that seems to be not from this planet. Miriam (Channeling) – That is right. Geoff – What I am seeing is like the head of an insect with two eyes, several mandibles and feelers, but it has the emotion that we experience in this last bit of healing, the togetherness, the part of each of us, and is so happy that he can communicate with somebody who can understand this emotion and who is so far apart from his looks and lifestyle and so on. Miriam (Channeling) – Oh how wonderful it is to find someone who can at last pick up the vibrations and realise how desperately we need to get this oneness with other beings regardless of looks and culture, for are we not all of one whole? Geoff – Yes. Miriam (Channeling) – What joy it is to experience that. Geoff – Yes, it is a beautiful feeling, I am sitting here with a smile on my face. Miriam (Channeling) – Wonderful feeling, wonderful. I have tried with other circles, but sometimes there are doubts with people that they are really experiencing this oneness with what they would call a creature, for it is different from anything that they have been taught. Geoff – Yes, that is right, now you are talking through a channel, my mother, but who is in me, or why can I see all these things, there is definitely someone here with me. Miriam (Channeling) – You have another such as I within you but neither your mother or father can see as yet and I say such as I but not quite, but of the same species. And she it is, for it is a she who has opened your eyes and helped you to gather in this feeling. Your words are very strange but I am being helped by I think it is your doctor. Geoff – I have seen some part of you, I thought when this was first happening, how you can have such a close feeling with an insect and I thought that I have a fear of a spider which is close in a way, and I immediately saw either a part of you or someone else which looks like a spider with fur and sort of pointed hairy legs, like a spider, and there is no fear, there is a slight apprehension, but no fear, but controlled by this feeling of oneness, of togetherness, it is a superb feeling, it really is. Miriam (Channeling) – So now perhaps you will not be afraid except that you will be cautious for in your country there are poisonous spiders, and even some that can give a nasty nip. But your ordinary house spider will not harm you, although he is only of lower intelligence, he is still of the oneness that we all seek. Geoff – Yes I can see others now surrounding us, smaller and a very barren landscape. Miriam (Channeling) – Yes, different shapes. The love that you sent out to the man before is what we try to give to those who will open their eyes and listen and feel. Geoff – Yes, I can see your lifestyle and understanding of spiritual life or existence, your day to day understanding of family existence is so much different to ours, there are no material problems in your community and you can therefore concentrate much more on helping each other than on the material, because it gets rid of a lot of things like envy and jealousy and so on. Your intelligence is far greater than ours, and did you progress there from a human stage or from a diva stage. Miriam (Channeling) – From a previous entity, but this is a choice that we have made to the planet from where we have come, rather than to humans. And you must realise that you have the same community spirit amongst some of your animals, where the mothers or the children are looked after by all females and it is a oneness of community, but there is not the spiritual intelligence as yet. Geoff – Yes, it is such a wonderful feeling, I would like to come back at some other stage and meet with you again and get a better understanding of your lifestyle. Miriam (Channeling) – That I would love to do. I shall need more assistance to be able to communicate in your language but that we can gather when we pool all our energy and I look forward to that very much. Geoff – Yes, me too, and what should I call you? Miriam (Channeling) – Perhaps you would suggest a name that my appearance brings to mind? Geoff – (Laughs) Miriam (Channeling) – I thought that would make you laugh. We have no need for names. Geoff – You are similar to a beetle. Beetle. Miriam (Channeling) – And you will call me? Geoff – Beetle, just beetle. Miriam (Channeling) – Well that suits me, and you have beetles that have been famous on your earth have you not? Geoff – Yes true. Miriam (Channeling) – I look forward to that very much, and maybe somehow if you can let me know in advance and then your lady can join us. Geoff – Yes, she would love to. Miriam (Channeling) – Then I must go now for I fear the energy is diminishing, but it has given us all such great joy that we have penetrated this barrier with you, and I bid you farewell my friend, and I shall have to think up a name to call you. Until next time goodbye. Geoff – Bless you and thank you. Luke – Thank you

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