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ALIEN FROM HELIOS CHANNELS By SpiritualDictionary.com

This is an interesting tape. It’s being channeled through Miriam and is an Alien called Jeremiah, who has visited us before from a planet called Helios. Jeremiah: I am Jeremiah the 2nd from Helios. Geoff – From Helios? Jeremiah: I said last time that it was a planet, but I think you would call it a satellite but it is dying. But I did say that I will come and channel again and that is what I am doing now. Geoff – This is fantastic. Thank you. Jeremiah: You have yet to hear the tape that I said before, but for the benefit of the other people who are here, I shall just give a little of what I said then. Our planet is dying. It has been for some time and the last people who are there are sending scouts to other places, where they can carry on and survive, so that they may fulfill their karma before returning to the beautiful world where I am. When I was on Helios, because most of the places were underground, we had a type of tuition from a center hall through our screens – we just call them screens, the equivalent of your computers. And we had our lessons that way, so there was no excuse to say that you were late. If you were ill then this was reported and scanning was done to make sure that this was so. So much time was given to the lessons, and then after that it was a time to play. But not the playing of just anything. Because we had such restricted places. When I say restricted, now that is not quite right – they were large but there was not the variety like you have on earth and on other planets. So each child was brought up and nurtured and grew into what was their best time. I think you were asking the other night about the brain. In our case the brain was stimulated more – therefore our bodies were not as yours are. The brain case was much enlarged. After the guiding which was always done, so this was a form of play for the child reaching its full potential then they were free to do what they wished. And we had many things to amuse them. Not quite the same as you have on earth but nevertheless there was very little fighting. Oh yes, there was always the aggressive person who would try to start a fight, for after all, karma comes and is delivered in many ways, but when I say not much fighting I meant between each group. At certain times we were allowed above the surface and this was our fiesta day, when we could spread our wings, as it were, and do something quite unusual. Whatever took our fancy. There was great feasting and rejoicing and each group, or I should say, all the groups met together. This went on for some days until the surface became too hot again, and we had to return underground. But the lighting that we had, you do not have yet on earth. It was as brilliant as the sun but it did not have the heat and there were no light-bulbs to go wrong, as you have here. We had our ways, which were expanding, and we worked more with what you call computers now but in a different field – ours was energy. There are modes of travel which you have not yet discovered. But which we have, and that is the scouts that come from Helios, who are now traveling to see how many of our people can come and live amongst you. I can hear the brains going. How can we suffer creatures with such enormous heads? But that would not be so, because gradually we have been altering our physicals, so this will fit in with whichever planet we choose. You may think that that is difficult, and could not be done, but it can be. Because as I said with the brain capacity that we have, we are at the stage where I am now, where you can achieve a lot by thought. And that is what we have done. Some of the inhabitants on other planets are, I think you would say more grotesque, more unusual, but they still have the brainpower and the intelligence. But not only that, but most important is that we all come from one Creator. Why we should be made so different we shall only find out as we near that final place. But the love that comes from one, no matter what shape is exactly the same. I hope this has been of some interest to you, and maybe I can come another day. And now I shall go to let someone else come through and I shall say may the brightest of white light shine down and protect this circle for tonight. Geoff – Thank you for coming.

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