Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Miriam (Channeling) – From the light of the stars I bring you greetings. Luke – Thank you. Miriam (Channeling) – This is my first time. Luke – You will always be welcome. Miriam (Channeling) – I know, friend, I know. We go to so many distant places, we are travelers, and you could say that we are not the keeper of the keys, but we are like a foreman, who would go around to see what is needed and to delegate that task to someone else. There are many of us for the place is so vast, that even I could not do very far. We are able to see how the atmosphere is affecting each planet, what can be done and what is allowed to be done. Sometimes it is accidental, a distant star may burn itself out and cause disruption, but if it is through bad husbandry for the pollution that is done by mankind, and I call it husbandry for want of a better word, then we are to find out how much help can be given. Once that is noted then there are those whose task it is to help the storms or the rain to seal the gaps in the sky, the atmosphere, or even just to let man suffer the consequences. And I say man, but yours is not the only planet to suffer from, I will call it pollution, but on other planets it is not the same. It is a disturbance of the surface of the earth, it should not be, and it creates difficulties. We have to find out the reason why, if it was avoidable or not, we have no physical appearance of any kind, we are just thought. You could say that we are like a radio station that can be in contact with so many different places, it is telepathy of a very, very high degree, and this is not imagination it is all quite true. Your people look up and you see other planets and stars and only in recent years have your scientists agreed that there is something in between the stars. I was saying that it is not just a vast nothing. Beyond anything that can be seen with your most powerful telescope there are wonders beyond anyone’s imagination. I have traveled far, I have traveled to see some of these wonders, and the more I see the more I realise how vast this creation is. It makes us feel so very, very small. There are so many different worlds, so many galaxies that one cannot imagine, so many places that are so much further advanced than any one or any spirit that you have heard about, and yet also are there places that have yet to begin to live. There is after all nothing new, as fast as someone discovers a new medication, a new source of power then there are so many more waiting to be discovered. The turmoil that is going around your particular atmosphere has been before, has been many times since your small earth was created, and it will continue to be so for many, many years yet. There are so many people who wish to learn but they do not wish to go one step at a time.  They think that they should start and be able to know so much so quickly, but that is not how a solid foundation of anything is built. It is only the geniuses, as you call them, who wish to continue to incarnate over and over again who do not have to do this. They are aware of their knowledge from a very early day, but for the average person, they have to learn patience, they have to know themselves to know what they want to do with their lives. They have to learn lessons, and they have to be reborn over and over again until they eventually become spirit entirely, and they think they have reached near the ending, what a shock they have when they realise that they are at the very beginning, but in a completely different way to when they had to incarnate so often. You may think well they have no pain, but they do have the pain of the mind, they do have to conquer emotions, and they do have to decide and learn what they will eventually do to progress. One thing they do not have to worry about is growing old, so they really do have all the time in the world to train, and learn, and listen, to work and to enjoy. There is so much I would like to tell you, but I think we will leave that for another time, perhaps when you are with your son and daughter, daughter in law I am told, but to us there is no such thing. I have enjoyed coming and talking, it was just that your friends had been listening to you talking about the atmosphere and how dry it was becoming, and you were wondering what the reason was, so now you know, a little, and we do not mind who listens to this tape. Some will believe and some will not, and it does not bother us one little bit, we are telling the truth and although we cannot give you proof, those with faith will accept that it is so. May you never wander from the path that you have chosen, may your hearts remain strong, you will find such rewards even before you come to us, rewards in a spiritual sense, and I have been told that you have been very patient, young man, (To Luke) for you have not as yet had anything that you can say is definitely from spirit, but you are being given so much power, it really is tremendous. You will be truly amazed at what you will be able to accomplish with the power that you have been given, and I think that in itself will be real proof that it comes from one on high. May the Lord be with you, I shall be back. Luke – Thank you, and bless you. Miriam (Channeling) – May I ask that the power that is here, that increases each time you have your spirit friends, please direct it to our basket, and we shall see that it goes where it is needed the most, bless you for that.

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