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Aliens do exist

Aliens do exist   By SpiritualDitionary.com

The first time I met an Alien I was in meditation, and felt someone wanted to channel. I could not ‘see’ exactly who it was, but the feeling was friendly. He came through to chat to the group and explained how he lived and looked etc.

When we asked him for a name, he did not have one, as he communicated with others telepathically, and therefore did not need one. He asked what we thought he looked like, and I answered ‘Like a beige jelly-bean’…….so that became his name on future visits.

He also could not tell us where he was from, because the name that he called his planet was not the same as we would have called it. This first encounter was good, but subsequent ones were much better. We got to know how they lived, ate, entertained themselves and evolved. We also visited his home in Astral.

Since then we have been contacted by many Aliens in all shapes and sizes, and even some who live beneath the Earth right here. (They will show themselves in approx 10 years) Let’s see who will believe them then!

We have also learned from them, and vice-versa. There was one race in particular that grew so fast with technology, that they decided that they could do away with emotions, and when they did they realised that emotion is a vital part of life.

Last thought……. If you were reincarnated on another planet in your last life, are you an Alien? Or do we just perceive others who are not like us to be Aliens?


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