Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Most people will say ‘Probably’ because they have not yet met one. Although there are many facts, figures, articles and photographs, it is one of those things that you cannot believe until you have actually experienced it yourself. Let’s start with the logical mind………. A ‘light year’ is the distance light will travel in one calendar year. The time it takes light to reach the moon is just a few seconds……. Imagine how far it will reach in one year! Hundreds of millions of miles! There is a Nebula (Star) that you can see with the naked eye, that has been expanding at the rate of 2 000 light years a day……for 150 Million years………and we see it as a small prick of light. That figure is too big for the human mind to comprehend. To put it in perspective one grain of dust is Earth, and the Nebula is the size of Disneyland……… The galaxies close by are more than 150 Million light years wide , and we already know of over 1 Billion galaxies that each contain over 1 Billion stars. Now, let’s put that into perspective. One grain of sand on the Beach is Earth, and every other grain of sand on the beaches around the World are the other planets. So ask yourself this, with these billions upon billions of planets, could there be life outside of Earth? Your logical mind would say ‘There has to be’ and you would be right.

So why don’t we see them?

We have to assume that the Aliens that have the technology to reach our planet would be mentally superior to us    and have ‘passed’ our level of evolvement. To them we are primitive. Would we bother to visit a race of Cavemen? (Except for curiosity) Also being advanced mentally, would they wish to ‘Disturb’ our growth, as would we wish to disturb a colony of ants? Lastly, with advanced technology, surely they can visit us without being seen. We already have stealth planes, submarines and ships.

So why don’t they contact us?

How do you know that they do not? What do you think would happen if a spaceship landed in Times Square? Would we welcome them with open arms, or surround them with the armed forces, lock them away securely and analyse them? Also, suppose you saw that happen on the evening news, would you believe it? Would America or any Country for that matter want to share its ‘Aliens’ with another? I think not. Maybe they are wiser than we think, and have been down that road before. Now, I will let you into a secret…….. we are looking in the wrong place for Aliens. Our logical minds do what they think is best based on experience, and are looking for Aliens on nearby planets………… Are these planets millions of miles away for a reason?…………….. Yes. If we look closer, there are Aliens, Planets and civilisations very close to Earth… You are learning about 2 Dimensions, the Physical one that we are living in and the Spiritual one which you pass over to………but there are more……… far far more than you realise. Use the logical brain again and say ‘If there can be 2 dimensions, then there could be, or should be more’ Our scientists must prove things scientifically, otherwise according to them it cannot exist. But, as an example, how do they prove love, or fear, or any emotion? And when they are faced with UFO’s, Miracles, Spiritual Healing and the like, they have to conclude that they are ‘Unexplained’

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