Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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 Before being born you choose the lessons you want to experience, your parents, and two or more Guides. The first one is your LIFEGUIDE. This is normally someone that you know well, that will stay with you throughout your life on Earth. Your Life guide is often called your Gatekeeper, and when you become Spiritually aware, you will ensure that only the good entities are allowed into your Energy (unless you chose to experience otherwise). He (or she) will probably be someone that you have experienced things with before and understands why you have chosen these particular lessons. You will probably choose one or two other Guides who are more experienced in the lessons you have chosen, and it is their job to ‘Guide’ you through them. You have total free will, and they cannot change that. But they will try and influence your thinking so that you do experience what you have chosen the best way possible. They may also connect to other Guides to get them to direct ‘Souls’ into your path. Along the way you may have many different Guides too, as new ones appear to guide you through the various lessons. These are Guides that specialise, as they themselves learn and improve at the same time. In the beginning you will normally see your first Guides as Indians, Chinese, Monks or wise men. This is to give you a feeling of security that you are being guided by what you perceive experienced guides to be. So your Guides will start by showing themselves, as you would like to see them. You start connecting to your Guides through meditation. And you will build up a comfortable relationship with them. They want exactly what you want, and will do their best to help you experience it in the best way possible. What if you chose a hard lesson? Let’s say you get cancer, or lose a loved one. Don’t blame your Guides. YOU chose the lessons and your Guides are there to help you. They can have a great sense of humor too. If you are feeling down, your Guide will give you upliftment. If you are feeling happy, your Guide will be happy with you. And if you lose hope altogether, your Guide will be there for you with Unconditional Love. Your Guide could even be a Soul mate from a past life.  

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