Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Miriam – I have Dr Paul here, but he said he is waiting for you to see. Geoff – Right. There is a black man here, and he has either badly damaged his left knee or he has lost his leg below his knee. Miriam (Dr Paul) – That is so, this is Dr Paul speaking now. Geoff – Welcome. Miriam (Dr Paul) – It is good to be back even though the other lady is not with us. And what is your treatment that you will do for this young man? Geoff – The knee is what has been most severely damaged, and the leg beneath it is useless and cannot be repaired. Miriam (Dr Paul) – That is true, if the man on the right (Luke) will try and send out healing thoughts for shock while you diagnose it will be a big help. Geoff – Yes, because this person has had no help at all yet since he has damaged himself. The veins and the nerves are sticking out from the knee, and what would be ideal would be to amputate below the knee, because it is only held on with a small amount of flesh. If we could do this…… Miriam (Dr Paul) – I think you could do that, for on one would know that it had not been done originally. Geoff – Yes the flesh is just torn at the back, and the nerves and the blood vessels that have been so badly damaged, must be cleansed at the end, and then in a way capped or sealed. Miriam (Dr Paul) – So one can hold the veins for a while. Geoff – Yes, and there is one main artery, which is bleeding very badly. Miriam (Dr Paul) – And you can do that, you can hold that, and you have helpers there who will stem the flow of blood. Geoff – Right, so we have stopped the bleeding, and we must clean the wound for infection at the end and the nerve ends, we must tie those off in some way, as if we could cauterize them. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Just visualize the cauterizing, as if you had an instrument in your hand, and it will be done. Geoff – And the bone is also exposed, but this will only cause pain, and it is no real problem at the moment, because it is around the joint, it is not broken. Mainly he is suffering from shock, terrible shock, and he cannot find any help as yet, but it is close by, we must wrap him in pink and red to stop the shock. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Yes he is, and that is very good, and you would spread that out like a blanket, to go right round him. Geoff – Yes, he has already collapsed, but he will be found in a few minutes because they have heard him calling, and they are coming. Miriam (Dr Paul) – And that is an excellent diagnosis, and excellent treatment. You are progressing so well in this field, very well indeed. Geoff – Good. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Now just give him a lot of love to take back with him. But you caught him in time to help with the shock, which you know is the biggest thing. Geoff – Yes, right they have found him now, and they have taken him away.

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