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Animal rescues animals By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation I am working with a Doberman called MUTTS who died about 5 years ago. We have worked together several times but never like this. A guide called Iffy is channeling through Miriam

Geoff: And now I have……. It looks like a runaway train.  An electric train. It’s going through fields and mountains which are covered in snow.  It’s going at a tremendous speed.  Now I’m just ahead of this train, it’s behind me.  It is a goods train carrying animals and it will – no –  has been derailed.  This is just something to do very quickly and involves Mutts who brought me there. Iffy (Miriam): Yes. Geoff: There are several hundred animals, mainly pigs and it is to quickly go through and release them where they are trapped.  The ones that are injured I must ‘put down’ basically. Iffy (Miriam): To save them suffering later. Geoff: Yes.  Because when help arrives they will use whatever means possible to kill the injured animals and so on and it may not be so pleasant.  I’m also having to break open carriages to release trapped animals.  And there are just many many things one after the other and it’s all sort of being done through thought automatically just because I’m there.  Mutts guides me to each one, sort of for a split second for each one and in a way guides the power, it’s done automatically, it’s done so fast and I’ve let free already, all the animals that are not injured or slightly injured and the ones that are left must be helped to pass over and it’s amazing I’m just going from one carriage to the next and as I go through, a dozen animals fly up into spirit. Iffy (Miriam): He hasn’t got much of a tail but he does wag it. Geoff: (laugh) Yeah.  It’s just all done so fast. Iffy (Miriam): This is really the first time you have done such work with him. Geoff: Yes that’s right. Iffy (Miriam): There will be many more times. Geoff: There are actually many other spirits there.  They find what I just experienced amusing because I couldn’t see them there. That I think was in Germany, or between Germany & Switzerland, somewhere around there. Iffy (Miriam): There’s such a lot of love from him. Geoff: There certainly is.  Right that’s basically all on that one. Iffy (Miriam): All small ones tonight. Geoff: Yeah.  Nice. Iffy (Miriam): But different.

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