Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

April 2022.  Universal energy in Churches

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

I have gone into a churchyard with a huge wall around it. The church is circular.  There are gravestones. They say we must not forget this source of energy. When people go to churches, what they are doing is they are giving energy. And it doesn’t matter what sort of religion it is, their belief of doing the right thing, leaves the right energy in those particular places. And that’s why people that come along to talk the priest afterwards, can get sound advice and pick up the right energy. And they will feel comfortable there. So the church itself has a very good energy. A lot of them have been built up over many many years, and if you think of all the churches and religions around the world, that is an awful lot of positive energy, that can be used. Now, that can be used for a couple of different things. To boost a religion that it is, in those particular churches; they would all be uniform, they would all have the same sort of energy. But it can be better used as a universal positive energy that can be taken out and used whenever needed, not for praising God, but for spiritual balance and spiritual calming. So, it can be used whenever it is needed, to create a spiritual harmony and balance in a specific area. And if you take Ukraine as an example (the war) where many people are saying “Why me Lord?” and so on, this is an ideal example of where the energy could be used there, to calm the people down and show them a clear picture of what they need to do and they keep their faith. Just another massive form of energy around the world.

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