Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


ARE SPIRITS TRUTHFUL?   By SpiritualDictionary

Yes and no. (Isn’t that the answer you would expect from Spirit?) ONE: If a 5-year-old asks you to explain about sex, you give them an answer that will do for the time being. When they ask again at the age of 14, they get a better version. And when they have experienced it at the age of say 21 they understand the full version. The same thing happens in Spiritual Development. You cannot understand all the answers until you have learned the basics, so you are given enough to get you to the next stage. The Guides and teachers that you have understand at what stage you are in your development, and give you the appropriate answers, the same as you would do to your children as they learn and grow. TWO: The next possibility is that you misinterpret the answer you get. Many years ago I had just returned to South Africa from living in the USA. I had an offer to return to USA, and several other choices too. I asked a medium if she could help me to make up my mind, and she said ‘You will be moving back to where you have lived before’ I just ‘assumed’ that this was the USA. The following week I was offered a position in England where I was born, and ended up living there for the next 3 years. THREE: Let’s assume you ask Spirit if taking a new job offer will be good for you. Spirit says ‘Yes’ but the job turns out to be much harder than you think. You end up working 18 hours a day with 10 people who have Aids, and you constantly fear that you will catch it yourself somehow. After a few months you leave. You would probably blame Spirit for giving you the wrong advice…. but it may be that that was a lesson that you wanted to learn. Another problem is all the books out there. They are not all correct. Let’s say you write a book about your career at the age of 25, then another book at the age of 50. The second one will be far better, far more comprehensive and you can bet your boots that you can now see a few mistakes in the first book. This is quite normal. But many on the Spiritual path believe they know it all, and publish books far too soon, and therefore inadvertently mislead their readers. Will they then take the book out of print? This is another lesson. You will never stop learning in this lifetime. Every day is a new adventure, and every day you are able to see more clearly Your Guides are there to ‘Guide’ you. The more you can communicate with them, the more they will help you. And the more you will be able to have confidence in what they say.

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