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Why do some Religions say that we are all sinners when we are born? This is just another bad translation designed to keep the followers living ‘In fear’ of God. The way it should have been translated is that, when we incarnate, we do so into a world where there is sin. We need to do this to experience what sin is, and how to deal with it. The various ‘Born again’ religions take full advantage of this, because the way they say you can be saved is to stick with the religion and follow its rules to obtain forgiveness. Tithing of course is very popular – but then again, God does not have a bank account, the religions do. Around the year 620 Mohammed, who was the prophet of Allah introduced another rule – Holy wars. This way they were sanctioned to wipe out the enemies of Islam. Or did he? Was it Mohammed, or the Islamic leaders of the day? Leaders of all religions introduce new rules as and when they deem fit. A few Centuries ago if you were not a Roman Catholic and lived in Spain, you were put onto the rack, and more often than not were executed. And the scary part is that most times these leaders add new rules BELIEVING that they are doing the right thing. How do you think the suicide bomber felt when he crashed his hi-jacked airliner into the World Trade Center? His belief was that he was fighting the enemies of Islam – and so genuine in his belief that he would give his own life for the cause. He was taught that to give his life for his beliefs would mean he would spend the rest of his eternal life in Paradise. So how do we fight such an enemy? They will die for their beliefs – as we would for ours. The answer is to love them, and teach them – for they are ‘experiencing’. That is a hard thing to do – very hard. We must have balance in this world of ours, and unfortunately balance is created by having extremes – that way we can find the balance. There were many lessons learnt through the WTC disaster. It brought New Yorkers together as a family, each helping each other. It showed the World what extremes terrorists can achieve – and will help prevent many more actions in the future. It created grief for those who lost their friends and loved ones. It created an anger around the world – that must be felt by the terrorists. It strengthened the bond between Americans and many other Nations. It gave President Bush another experience in the life that he chose. (Someone has to experience being in control of such power) It gave almost everyone in the World a new experience – and any experience, even as bad as this, is valuable. You must view all this from Gods point of view. Here we have a world full of progressing Souls that have free will – they will learn all – in time. They will experience all – in time. They will find the right path – in time. I must just love them – because they are living in a World where ‘They’ have created sin.  

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