Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This is a healing night with Verna and I doing the healing in astral and a guide channeling through Miriam. Verna: I have a terrible feeling over my face like I’ve got a mask on. Guide: It is not a mask it is for this last healing. Geoff:  You are feeling the effect of somebody who has been shot in the eye by accident, with an arrow, and for some reason you have to feel this while we repair the damage. Verna:  It’s the left eye I think. Guide: No, your right eye. Verna Well, my left eye feels different to my right eye so I don’t know which eye. Guide: Your right, the way you are facing. Geoff:  The arrow has gone in your right eye – it’s a child’s arrow but it has done severe damage to the brain which cannot be allowed to happen, because the child who has been injured has a lot of work to do in the future. The arrow is still lodged there and if it stays for some time will cause much more damage. While the child who shot the arrow has run for help, we must help the child on the ground and the color that I have been given immediately is a very, very strong blue which is a royal blue. We must withdraw the arrow out of the brain and push it back in between the brain and the side of the skull. There are millions of little connections to do in the brain, which is far beyond us, and for this reason a much higher power will correct this. We withdraw the arrow now from the back of the eye, and immediately push it back in between the brain and the skull. The point is that it’s not doing any damage there – any major damage. Now the brain itself, if you imagine as being millions of tiny little blood vessels being connected and just imagine the whole thing being perfect and back to normal. The power we are being given in order to this is from a much higher source, and all we have to think of is the brain being perfect again using our imagination and it will be done. The arrow can be left now – it will be withdrawn by surgeons – there will be no permanent damage, or serious damage and there are people coming now to help this young man. The reason that you felt the pain, Verna, is because you had to take the place of this young man while spirit was working on the brain. It’s as if his brain was transferred in to yours, so that the operation could be completed without the boy moving, then the whole thing was transferred back to the boy in a fraction of a second. Verna When I asked why I thought it was my left eye it’s because my left eye was the only one that I could feel. What they did is they took away this right part here – all my eye and all the …. and when I tried to feel it, it was if I had a big hole there so that I wouldn’t feel all the pain. Guide: Very good – very good. Verna and that’s why I thought it was the left one because it was the only one I could feel. It was nice to get that answer.

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