Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation (1992) I am experiencing the lesson in Astral, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is Mr Wu. Geoff: Now I’ve come across another set of doors. Very ornately carved in black and gold. A lot of scroll work and they fit very closely together. The top and bottom are a gold color, and I’ve actually seen inside before I’ve opened the door. I walk in and what is inside is a huge hall. It’s along the lines of a monastery, church or sanctuary. A very religious place, and it has a very strong glow about it – the same as our spirit lodge does- but this one is much stronger and is for a specific reason. It’s the sort of building that will be surrounded by spirit lodges. It is here that spirit come for group – not so much group teaching or group prayer – when a lot of energy is needed for a specific function, they would come into this hall. There are a few other spirits there like me seeing this for the first time. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, there are. More and more you will be in contact with other circles from now on. Geoff: In fact, it’s filling up with spirit like myself, here to learn something, and we are all seated in rows – all looking in one direction to a sort of stage. There is a very strong gold energy on the stage. It hasn’t taken on any specific form, but it’s come towards us and totally enveloped us in this gold- It’s like a gold mist. I can’t feel anything specific except for feeling slightly warmer. Miriam (Mr Wu) But you feel a connection. Geoff: Yes. Now I’ve gone up on the stage to look at all these students. Now, I’m up on the stage looking at all these students- yet I’m not there to teach them. Miriam (Mr Wu) No. Geoff: I’m there to be seen by them. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: Because of something that I will be doing in the future. Miriam (Mr Wu) You will and they will recognise you. Geoff: Yes. And I’ve actually got robes on. Spirit robes- which is mainly how they will recognise me. Plus feel me. Now, I’ve sat down cross-legged on this stage. What they are seeing is not how I look now, is it? Miriam (Mr Wu) No. Geoff: (laughter) Miriam (Mr Wu) You’ve got it. Geoff: Well, I look like Father Christmas. Miriam (Mr Wu) (laughter) You couldn’t believe. Geoff: What they are seeing is like a wise old spirit with a beard. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Because you will be in one of your old years. Geoff: (laughter) Right – I hope the old years will be peaceful. Miriam (Mr Wu) It’s very peaceful. Geoff: And there are a few guides there and the students are all filing out. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Not what you expected. Geoff: Oh, this is funny. Walking across the hall now, and just seeing myself like this…… Miriam (Mr Wu) Useful because you command more respect when you are like that, than if they were to see you as you are- for what you are to teach. Geoff: Yes, that’s right. Long white beard, flowing robes, and lack of hair on top. Miriam (Mr Wu) A bit Chinese, do you think? Geoff: Yes – that’s what I was thinking. Miriam (Mr Wu) I hoped you would have said it first. Geoff: So, this is not in this lifetime then? Miriam (Mr Wu) Oh, no, no. This is not in this lifetime. Geoff: Good. (laughter) Yes, very much like the picture of Confucius, no doubt. Miriam (Mr Wu) So much you have to know. Geoff: Yes, well that’s a long time ahead so….. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. A long time ahead. Geoff: Okay, well let’s leave that one completely and we’ll go on to something else. Luke: Could you change like that when you go into astral? Geoff: Could I change like that when I go into astral – it’s possible, yes. Yes, that’s very true because you only let people see you as they remember you, because as I’ve had so many lives, I could have a standard identity amongst the other spirits who have watched all these lives. Miriam (Mr Wu) Oh, yes. Geoff: And was that the identity that I had? Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes.

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